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Franck Muller Crazy Hours Men's Luxury Swiss Wrist Watch

Updated on February 10, 2012

As I've gotten older my tastes have changed something I was adement in my teens would never happen. I was obsessed with cars in my late teens and spent most of my weekends, free time, even days off work when I was sick, tinkering with them. I was obsessed. But as time has passed I'm getting the hunger for the finer things in life. Just as a woman love handbags and shoes a man's vice is watches. They are an expressive piece of jewelry, a status symbol and certain watches can also be an investment. I got a job in my early 20's where a lot of money was about, I loved it, it opened me up to a whole new world. These people were earning big salaries and it just opened my eyes to the fact it is up to you to get what you want in life. A friend of mine at work at had this watch on theat really caught my eye. He said it was a gift from his dad. It was a Franck Muller Casablanca. I had not seen a watch like it and fell in love with it's quirky numerals and detailed face. Since then I i've wanted a Franck Muller. This is wheN my interest in luxury Swiss watches began. I go on Franck Muller's website from Time to time and drool over the models they have. The Casablanca is not a fancy watch or overly bold, I think this why I love it so much, but as I went through the Franck Muller Site I saw the Crazy Hours. Wow, what a watch! Franck Muller watches are high luxury Swiss watches and come at a premium. They are not found in your high street jewlers. The only time I thought i'd see one in the flesh was when I'd be middle aged and in the position to buy one.

The Best Salesman In The World.

Today was my lucky day. Whilst browsing through Selfridges I spotted the watches section, I was over there like a shot. I was expecting to see Rolex's, Tags, Cartier's which there obviously were but then I saw a small selection of Franck Muller's!!! It felt like the scene in Wayne's World where Wayne stares in through the window of the guitar shop looking at a Fender Stratocaster. There it was a Franck Muller Crazy Hours and in front of it a Casablanca! I could of sat and stared at them for many hours. Then the salesman comes over and I had no intention of buying it and I'm sure he knew I was in no position to do so either, yet he still asked if I was "ok sir?" with a smile. I said I was just drooling over the Casablanca and the crazy hours. He said "would I like to try them on?" What?! Exsqueeze me?! Baking Powder?! Did I just hear him right? I stopped for a second and said "is that ok?" with a rather in shocked look on my face. His answer was " Well you need to know what it feels before you get one". Now I know this is a sales technique that lures you in to the buying mode and gives you a taster for having the item but you have to remember the Crazy hours has a price tag that is the equivalent of a deposit for a small home. He knew I wasn't going to buy it there and then. It felt so good, the curvature of the case ( Something that no other watchmaker does) the immense detail in strap buckle alone. This one had a pink/purple/red Aligator leather strap White face and signature randomly placed Coloured dreams numerals. The case was lager than I anticipated but this watch just looks so good. If you've not seen a Franck Muller Crazy Hours or understand why it's so special check out the video. The fun wasn't over yet.

I didn't want to make the salesman feel nervous or overstay my welcome so I put my arm out and gestured for him to remove it after wearing it for a couple of minutes. He then pulls out the Casablanca for me! Did I want to hug this guy or what! Even though the Casablanca is half the price of the Crazy hours (yet still touching 5 figures) I much preferred this watch. The one I tried on was the Classic black Casablanca. It's strap buckle was one I had never seen before and the detail in this was impressive. It also had Franck Muller's new rubber strap for the Casablanca that replaces the previous Alligator leather. If the rubber strap buckle could be put on a leather strap this would be my only revision. This visit has lit a burning desire inside me to go and get this watch. It reminds me of when Jack Canfield suggests that you go out and test drive your dream car to get the feeling of having it (If you've read any personal development books you'll understand what i'm talking about). I can feel and see a Franck Muller on my wrist. It was time I really wanted to leave and go out and start getting to work on getting this watch. I thanked the salesman, i'm sure he knew how good what he had just did made feel.

I have a list of watches that I plan to own. Trying the Crazy Hours on today makes it feel so much easier buying the first watch on my list, a Tag Heuer Monaco .


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