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Fred Perry - A Buyers Guide

Updated on February 7, 2012

Brand History

The Fred Perry logo is instantly recognisable; the origins of the logo are deep rooted in Fred’s sporting history. The famous logo is a laurel wreath which symbolises Fred’s success as a three times winner of Wimbledon and a Davis Cup champion and he would wear the logo on his touring blazer and sports jumpers. Fred was the first British player to win four Grand Slam events however he was disowned by the Wimbledon crowds due to their snobbery and his working class background.

In 1940 Fred was approached by a former Austrian footballer named Tibby Wegner. Tibby wanted to design a sweatband that would wear the Fred Perry name, Fred agreed and the duo marketed the sweatbands by giving them to the top players at the best tournaments and persuaded them to wear them on the court. Players agreed and the Fred Perry brand was launched. Next, they diversified away from sweatbands and designed Fred Perry sports shirts, the laurel wreath logo was cleverly merchandised by offering shirts to BBC cameramen whilst Fred wore them whilst he was commentating. The shirts were given to all of the top players who were more than happy for an alternative to the baggy, ill-fitting shirts they were used to. This type of marketing proved to be extremely successful and the Fred Perry brand became synonymous with Wimbledon and the world’s finest players. The brand began to grow a strong fan base and after pressure from its street wear fans the company began to receive requests to add tipping to the collars and sleeves. Not only was the shirt perfect performance wear for tennis but fashion conscious individuals would wear the shirts buttoned up for social events. Subsequently the Fred Perry shirt became the first crossover brand from sportswear to street wear.

Footwear Collection

The Fred Perry footwear collection emulates its proud heritage and develops exciting, stylish items through the re-interpretation of retro styles. Key influences to the collection include 1980’s sportswear and clean, classic modern design for men and 1960’s beatnik inspired styling for the women’s collection. We’ve picked out some styles from the footwear range that we think will be huge this spring/summer 2012. The Koko is a smart new style ideal to wear with skinny jeans and leggings. Koko features canvas uppers with a denim feel and detailed wreath stitching. The sole of the shoe is rubber which gives the plimsoll strength in any conditions. We also love the Betty Suede Pennys Loafers which look great with a pair of chinos; the soft navy suede is contrasted against a white rubber sole and traditional tassel details. They are finished with the signature laurel wreath embroidered brand logo and floral print inner lining. From the men’s range we love the Kingston Twill Tipped plimsoll which has been created from fine cotton twill. The traditional lace up style plimsolls feature the signature twin tipping detail of the sole walls and the iconic laurel wreath embroidered on the sides.


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