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Fresh Faced Mature Beauty

Updated on October 14, 2012
Concealing bags, discoloration
Concealing bags, discoloration | Source

Aging is a part of the process of living but you don't have to look aged, old or forlorn. Maturity is not a bad thing and it doesn't have to be a curse. If a woman endeavors to take care of her health she can live as a beauty at any age, without ever having to regret aging.

Just as makeup use and techniques can make you look old, they can be used to make you look young as well. We make the choices, when we purchase makeup, cosmetics and all the other things we use to amplify our beauty.

Cosmetics have their place and with all the new fangled developments in the cosmetic industry there is little excuse when it comes to taking care of our health and our beauty. Truth is it really does start with nutrition and how we take care of our general health concerns.

Exposure to sun, too much makeup and bad skin care regiments are contributing factors, along with stress, what we eat and the everyday pressures of just living.

Women tend to do everything! And they never seem to know when to say quit, that's just the way of things but at some point we must emphasize that we are as valuable as all the things we do and the people we take care of and make the effort to take care of ourselves.

Looking good is one of those ways!

No matter what anyone says, looking good has a way of affecting how we feel about ourselves, it can boost confidence, and confidence has a lot to do with beauty.

How to stay fresh faced

Being hydrated, using natural products, moisturizing, limiting use of cosmetics and synthetics and when using cosmetics using water based and cream based makeup instead of powders.

  • clean face
  • moisturize
  • light makeup
  • corrective makeup

Make up tricks

  • eyebrows, lighten and use pencil or powder to fill in, discard the black
  • soften eye liner colors, discard the black
  • use makeup that doesn't sink into lines, primer or concealer

Other ways

  • exercise
  • drink lots of water
  • eat healthy oils
  • sleep, at least 7 to 8hours, the body repairs itself while you are sleeping
  • limit the drugs over the counter or prescription, if at all possible
  • eliminate as much stress as possible
  • Laugh, laugh and laugh

Enjoying life, staying as active and healthy as possible Always makes the difference!!!

Lighten up

  • hair color
  • eyebrow color
  • makeup color

Because as we age our hair grays, we must follow the natural order of things and go light in our hair color and our makeup. Think of it as when you were a child. Your skin is softer, in need of more tender love and care, through the oils and such when grooming.

The skin goes through changes as one ages and being a mature beauty is only making sure you are aware of those changes and adjusting accordingly.

You are still beautiful even as a mature beauty! You just have to be aware.


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