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Freya Bras

Updated on April 18, 2013

Freya Bra

Bras are one of the essentials to a women’s wardrobe. It is not only a pretty under garment but it gives support to the breast. Freya Lingerie is a UK lingerie brand that makes bras for women with larger breasts. Freya Bras are designed and made by Wacoal Eveden. Fuller figure women wants to feel sexy as well get the support that they need and Freya does a great job in helping achieve both support and looks. Freya bras have great color choice, fashionable trims, and have a lot of sheer bras that still give support to women with larger cup sizes.

Freya not only has a great collection of bras but they also have a great collection of matching panties which many lingerie brands that cater to do not have matching or pretty panties to go with their bras. Freya makes everything from sexy thongs to cute boy shorts style and of course it is detailed to match their bras.

When needing to find a bra with a size that is larger Freya lingerie carries just that. They carry bra sizes from 28-40 in band size and C to K in cup size. The most important thing in a bra is support, Freya designs their bras so that women with larger cup size can get that support and shape. What is not good for a bra is having it uncomfortable to wear, “spills” from any part of the breast, creates the budges on the side or back, or having straps that dig into your shoulder by the bra band so having optimal support is key.

Freya has different styles of bras that you can choose from and they recommend that you try on each bra because each bra style does fit a bit differently. To be able to get the best fitting trying on bras in different styles is recommended. Most lingerie places does do professional bra fitting.

When talking about bras the traditional bra for everyday wear pops into mind but another bra type is the sports bra that Freya also offers. Sports bras offers the most support as it is suppose to help support your breast as you do exercise. Freya makes sports bras that have underwire and some that does not have underwire. Underwired sports bra does provide more support for the breast and the wire should be under the breast and not touching the under breast area. Freya sports bras are tested for high impact sports and have done great in all the test in the HerRoom bounce test.

On top of having bras and sports bras made for women with larger breast, Freya also makes swim wear. Using higher tech fabric Freya makes their swimwear with as much support as their bras. Of course the swim wear collection offers the same beautiful and sexy styles as their bras do.

To know what bra sizes you are you need to be fitted properly. You need to know your cup and your band measurement and even if you know your proper bra size it is still wise to try on the bra. Just like different brand of shoes fit differently, different bra styles also fit differently.


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