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Frilly Frocks (Dresses) For Men

Updated on November 12, 2010

Sometimes a man just wants to wear a dress. Out of curiosity, perhaps, or out of a desire to feel more feminine, or for another reason other mortals just wouldn't, couldn't understand.

The idea of men prancing around in frilly dresses may seem laughable, but there is some solid anecdotal evidence to suggest that more men than we might think could be open to the idea. We've all gone one male friend who tries to put a dress on every time he has a little too much to drink. (At least, I assume we do. If you don't have the 'guy who want to put a dress on, then you probably got 'guy who wants to strip naked and run around' as a trade off.)

Samoans, Japanese and Scotsmen also all often put on national dress that is, in fact a dress. It's only in some parts of the world that we look down upon men covering their bodies in pieces of fabric which lack seams betwixt the thighs. (Oh, and Middle Eastern men often don charming dress type arrangements also, let's not forget about them.) Of course, most of these dress styles do not incorporate many frills, although perhaps you could call the pleats in a kilt a kind of frill. Frills could then, perhaps be considered an 'advanced' form of dress for men, not for beginners or the faint of heart.

Regardless, I believe that there's an opening in the market for man friendly frill dresses. So if you happen to be a man who believes that he would look damn fine in frills, do not be disheartened, there's at least one other person on the planet who agrees with you.

For some frilly inspiration, check out these sexy frilly dresses:

Fancy Frilly Dress

The frilly dress in the picture comes from Sure Shots Fancy Dress UK, a rather aptly named company. The dress is incredibly fancy, not to mention frilly, making it a winner on two counts.

Airy Frills

Louise Brooks is rocking this particularly frilly dress in aid of the film "Now We're In The Air". I admire and adore the tutu effect which is created with this piece.

Modern Frills

Alesha Dixon wears this stylish couture dress by Giovanni. Notice anything about it? Why, it's a regular frill fest! This dramatic look is also incredibly flattering, as it makes the waist seem absolutely tiny in comparison.

The Frilly Conclusion

Those dresses are a start, but it is important to look for a style that suits you. One man's trashy dress is another mans treasured dress of dreams. Find your frills, gentlemen!


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      OMG I Love that first dress. It looks so comfortable!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I have a site for men who prefer skirts and kilts over trousers for all wear unless they're going riding on a horse or Harley. These are not crossdressers, these are manly masculine men who just like the skirt or kilt and any similar skirts from around the world, like tupena, sarongs, sulus, lavalavas, kikoy, kains, etc. but wear regular men's wear on top or on feet. ie: My normal days wear is a skirt, a T-shirt, knee socks, brown leather loafers, and a coat or jacket if necessary. Come by our site and check us out!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I own several dresses and I often wear them in public. Dresses are so comfortable and so much fun to wear, I love them. A man that has never worn a dress does not know what he is missing.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      i have got at least 3 dresses with loads of frills and lace they make me feel so good in them i would recomed them to all men thank god for dresses

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      When I was a kid we had a girl (foster child) staying with us. It did not work out but she left a bikini and a pink frilly dress. These items were my 1st, and I borrowed a pair of pink lace panties from the washing line next door to complete the dress experience. I had so much fun with these items

    • SatinJenni profile image


      10 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada

      Hope..Your one line says it all ..." out of a desire to feel more feminine" I know in my own case I own a few dresses but I don't get the opportunity to wear them. Maybe one day.

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      10 years ago

      LOL! That is priceless, Satin Satan...

      Good point, Gone Nylon, Jesus DID wear a dress.... I feel a hub coming on..

      And Simon, its not too late to get some frills ;)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I went to wedding in London wearing a kilt, as you may know it is traditional for us Scots to wear nothing under the kilt. This is a source of endles fascination to the over-the-border ladies in England. At this wedding, I suddenly became aware of a movement around the hem of my kilt and turned around to find the bride's mother lying on her back looking up my kilt. And yes I am a true Scotsman.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Ahh, Hope.

      Always appreciate your articles. I'll leave my kilt and sarongs in the cupboard for tonight, and put on a dress. Just the thought of it makes me feel better.

      Pity I don't own one with anything resembling frills.

    • profile image


      10 years ago


      It's also worth noting that pants are, of course, a relatively new thing in the men's (and even more so for women) fashion world. After all, and I can't overemphasize this, Jesus wore a dress. So, too, did Socrates. And Alexander the Great. And Julius Caesar. And Moses

      As far as I can tell, the idea of pants/trousers/breaches was introduced by the Medes/Persians. They took a LONG time to catch on with the rest of the world, and still haven't caught on in some corners of our planet.

      On more than one occasion, I've heard a woman exclaim "It's not fair! His legs look better than mine!" And you know what? Those women were correct. A man's athletic legs were made to be shown off. The fact that men so seldom do has a lot more to do with societal imposition of mores than with gender or sexuality.

      Thanks for another great topic!


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