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Frilly Pink Hair Bows

Updated on January 12, 2011

Who doesn't love a good frilly pink bow? Why it makes even the most dastardly and daring dictatorial Prime Minister look thoroughly approachable. In this very important piece, I shall be reviewing various styles and types of frilly pink bows, that you might make your frilly pink hair bow choices with utter certainty.

Forever 21 Hairband

This thin pink bow hairband from Forever 21 (a fashion company that boldly seeks to deny the very nature of time itself, which I must confess, I find rather attractively bold), is so delicious in its appearance that I'm only barely restraining from hurling myself through the screen and devouring it. To my mind it would have a crispy thin chocolate interior with just a hint of strawberry. In reality it probably tastes a bit clothy.

Chiffon Bow Clips

These chiffon bow clips (also from Forever 21) are very handy if you happen to have very short hair but still want a bow in it.By clipping your bows in your hair, you assure a superior standard of fixing, which means that your bows should stay in place throughout most mild weather phenomena, although a particularly hot day may make your hair limp enough for these clips to slide right out. Hairspray is your friend in the search for a nice, firm hold and accessories that know their place.

Sequined Bow Hair Clip

Another hair clip here, this time from Max Azaria, and what a pretty shiny pink bow clip it is. The sequins really add sparkle and shine to what might otherwise be quite demure and bland hair accessories.

If you want to look like you recently stuck your head in a bedazzling machine, you should certainly invest in these hair clips, not only will they impress other humans, they may also reflect the beams from speed radar, turning you into an invisible streak of speed on the roads.

(DISCLAIMER: They won't do that. Not even slightly.)

Sephora Satin Bow Headband

We finish off this charming collection with the Sephora Satin Bow Headband. Satin is always a popular fabric amongst carbon based life forms, mostly because it has a pleasant shine and sheen that puts one in mind of luxurious places and statuses. How could your life possibly be going wrong when there is satin nearby? It couldn't be. That's a scientific fact.

Sephora themselves are quite enamored of this bow, although they appear to have forgotten that they are making it for humans, not horses. Their sales text reads: your mane will make a timelessly elegant statement.

Which is clearly ridiculous, as manes can't make statements anyway, apart from 'wheeeeee'.


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