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From Raunchy To Romantic | Wacoal Bras For Men

Updated on October 14, 2009

There is something romantic about a well made bra, a bra which has been designed carefully from the underwire up, a bra that is really less a garment and more a work of art. Wacoal have earned their name in the lingerie world by consistently producing gorgeous, well made bras that, once seen, are hard to forget. In this little collection you will find brassieres that shimmer and shine, brassieres which cannot be ignored. You will also find much more subtle bras, bras, which seem to be so plain until one looks a little closer and realizes what a prize one has obtained. Whether you already love Wacoal lingerie, or whether this is your first encounter with it, you are in for a real treat!

Wild Bunch

Wild bunch from Wacoal combines metallic sheen with a subtle animal print to create brassieres, that, quite frankly, are some of the most stunning pieces of lingerie I have ever laid eyes on on my life. Coming in 'Creamy Croc' (gold), 'Snow Leopard' (silver), and Tawny Leopard (god knows), these bras will have you staring at yourself in the mirror for hours the first time you put them on.

Delicate Notion

The delicate notion brassiere is also incredibly eye catching, but for different reasons. Here Wacoal have produced a bra which looks traditional and could indeed have risked slipping into the world of the mundane, were it not for the lower cups which hint at sheerness, yet give nothing away, bands of ribbon interspersing see through mesh and a delicately floral lace lined upper which seems to say “Who? Me?” Do not be fooled by this bras apparent innocence. This is the realm of the vixen.


The naughty trend continues with the coquette. Here Wacoal has been brave and eschewed floral designs for delicate geometric lace patterns tracing across light white demi cups. The panties which match this bra are also quite stunning, somehow reminiscent of American Indian designs, in fact the entire ensemble would not be out of place in some lingerie clad rendition of Pocahontas.


With Rosy, Wacoal returns to the realm of the restrained. This is a sweet brassiere which will flatter any skin tone due to its natural light grey coloration. It's almost neutral, it's almost bland, and then you take in the delicate detailing on the straps and upper cups, not to mention the patterning which runs across the cups and around the back and you realize that this is one of those lingerie dark horses.


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