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From Street Wear to High Fashion, how things have changed.

Updated on February 12, 2013

Before Streetwear even existed.

Now this might seem hard to believe about an industry which not only is a solid part of fashion but also a influence on it's highest parts, think Givenchy, but once upon a time there was no such thing as Streetwear.

Of course people were wearing clothing and they lived in urban areas and to look at them you might think that they were wearing streetwear but really they were just the the clothes they could get their hands on because to be honest nobody was rich.

One of the best case in points for this is Carhartt, now here is a brand which was American work wear and still is, and it was some of the cheapest and most hard wearing clothes out there. This was the attraction to the streets, firstly you could get your hands on it and secondly if you wore it in your style or the style of your friends then you made the brand your own, think of the iconic picture of Biggie in his Carhartt work jacket.

But like when all things become popular and when business men can see that there is money to made, Carhartt soon opened up a different division to cater for the new emerging market and as Europe could really only look at the pictures of rapper in the gear they opened up this new company in Germany. Soon Carhartt were selling jeans that use to cost 15 dollars in america for 75 pounds in the UK, and really from here the streetwear market started to open up.

Nas in Carhartt


The use of high end fashion in street wear is nothing new it has happened through out the 90's up until now, the only difference in recent times is that it is now high fashion who is pandering to street wear by designing garment specifically for the street wear market. Before it would be more the case of a street guy getting some extra money and maybe buying a Gucci bucket hat and fitting it in with out fit by wearing it over sized, and common practice was to bootleg tracksuits by using fake materials from Lois Vitton and the like, but again this was on street wear terms again.

In modern times

As the high fashion industries started to wobble early on in this century these companies looked at new markets to infiltrate and street wear was ripe for it. Also hip hop artists had started to make money that rock stars could only dream of and they wanted the clothing to match it and what artists wear fans are sure to follow and that's when people like Tiscli for Givenchy are there ready to pounce.

In the last few year Givenchy have made tee shirt specifically for the street wear market and people have been lapping them up and of course other companies have been copying them and the greatest trick the devil pulled is that most people on the street would believe that they are in control.

Kanye in Givenchy

The Future

I think it will not be long before high fashion moves on and leaves the street market to it's own devices, this will be a good time for both worlds as street wear will be able to control itself again and high fashion will move back to Milan and hide out in a mansion some where.

This will help street wear find it's feet again and start back to it's renegade ways of taking what it want from which ever style it want, this will be great as that it what street wear is best at. High fashion doesn't really fit in to this and it almost feels a bit wrong that they have came in to the market at all, in fact it feels a bit extortionate.

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