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Facial at Home in 7 Steps

Updated on August 27, 2018
Sue Adams profile image

Juliette Kando is the author of the best-selling book on facial exercises entitled Natural Facelift, published by Thorsons, HarperCollins.

First things first. Learn to fully relax the face.
First things first. Learn to fully relax the face.

There is more to a face than just the quality of your skin. Facial cleansing, toning, feeding and moisturizing products are big money makers and widely discussed elsewhere. In this article we deal with facial behavior rather than concentrating on which cosmetic products to buy. With the right diet, hygiene and a little facial exercise there isn't much wrong with the natural condition of your skin. You may not need all those cosmetic products after all. The following 7 facial steps constitute a completely rejuvenating DIY facial at home which will teach you how to:

  1. How to Relax the whole body
  2. Use visualization and meditation
  3. Control facial expression with awareness
  4. Do a full facial relaxation
  5. Care for the face with massage
  6. Regenerate with facial muscle toning
  7. Upside down facial with gravity inversion

From now on you can do your own facial at home as part of your daily grooming routine. The following facial relaxation and regeneration exercises are designed for anyone who wants to improve their looks, health and morale the natural way. On this interesting and fun journey you will get to know your face and get to know yourself better. First of all we learn how to fully relax.

1. How to Relax the Whole Body

To fully relax the face, first learn to relax the whole body on the floor, not on a bed as the softness of mattress and cushions will not allow the skeleton to fully sink (relax) into the floor with gravity. The secret about relaxing is to feel a very slow, passive, downward drop into gravity pulling down closer to the floor each time you breathe out. For obvious gravitational reasons, it is most advantageous to relax in a horizontal or even better, upside down position.

Study the illustration below "Lying On Your Back On The Floor" to become fully aware of the curves in your spine and neck and your overall posture.

Best Position To Relax

Lying on the floor, rather than on  a bed, allows the skeleton do sink deeper into gravity.
Lying on the floor, rather than on a bed, allows the skeleton do sink deeper into gravity. | Source

2. Use Visualization and Meditation

Some peoples’ faces are relaxed throughout while others display many unnecessary expressions, sometimes seeming almost hysterical. The skill of facial relaxation is unusual in that it does not involve using any special talent or effort whatsoever. Is your face relaxed now, while you are reading these lines?

Your face is, of course, not fully relaxed as you are reading this. If it was, then your jaw would be open and you would be drooling all over the keyboard – I hope that is not the case!


As you breathe out, imagine that your face is melting like ice cream. On each out-breath you will feel that the muscles and skin on the upper back and neck, the cheeks, ears and temples come a little closer to the floor from sheer gravitational pull, This constitutes a natural face lift. How come?

Since you are lying supine (on your back), this particular pull goes in a favorable direction, towards the the back of your head. You can remain in this relaxed state as long as you like.


You may even sink into a meditative state and repeat the mantra shown on the next picture to help you remain relaxed and to fully clear your mind from worries.

When you've had enough, slowly open the eyes and smile at a new you.To relax the face consciously, do the following Full Facial Relaxation Exercise.

Meditation Mantra

3. Control Facial Expression with Awareness

The flesh on the face is akin to the soft clay of a sculptor. It can be placed and modeled with massage and exercise. The trick is to develop an awareness of unnecessary facial tensions, learning to let them go. Practice a little every day as part of your cleansing and grooming routine.

Static parts of the face and skull, yes, even the ears can actually move and be moved voluntarily. Good facial behavior is a delicate balance between relaxation (release) and contraction of certain tiny muscles to hold all the bits together in the right place. For example, drooping mouth corners or a furrowed brow can be corrected with massage and subtle exercise.

Being aware of one's expression at all times teaches the muscles in the face to behave in a beauty enhancing way. So before you know it, with a little training, a happy and positive expression on your face may become the norm.

4. How to Do a Full Facial Relaxation

It’s best to do the Full Facial Relaxation exercise just before going to sleep but I often do it when I feel that my face is very tense, for example after an argument or if I am upset or angry. The Full Facial Relaxation is always a wonderful remedy against irritation. Once you relax the face, problems, somehow don’t seem that bad.

  1. Close your eyes, relax your eyelids and guide your attention towards the base of the neck. Take a deep breath in through your nose and breathe out slowly through the mouth.
  2. Move your concentration upwards towards your jawbone and the inside of your mouth. If your cheeks are relaxed, your jawbone will drop slightly backward, down towards the floor.
  3. Relax your tongue. Concentrate in this area on the large muscles in the cheeks and again, let them relax on each out breath. Keep breathing at the same slow rate and now move your attention upwards towards the temples.
  4. Let go of all tension in your temples, eyes, eyebrows and forehead. If your closed eyes are restless and seem to be full of moving images, tell your eyes that it’s dark now and that all they should see is black emptiness.
  5. Feel your forehead expanding towards the floor as if the weight of your hair was causing the action.
  6. Finally, relax your scalp and crown and stay where you are for a few more minutes.

Is YOUR Face Relaxed?

Might you have any involuntary habits or twitches in your face?

See results
Treat the neck and shoulder-line as part of the face.
Treat the neck and shoulder-line as part of the face. | Source

5. Care for the Face with Massage

Giving yourself a facial at home demands more than applying a facial mask. I am asking you here to widen your horizon and extend the treatment of your face to reach all the way from the crown at the top of the head down to your clavicles (collar bones), and shoulder blades, not forgetting the entire back part of the skull, neck and upper back. In other words, for an effective facial massage, regard the face as part of the whole head and upper body. The hairline should not stop you moving, massaging and sending energy upwards, across the scalp and right down to the back of the neck. Before starting the facial massage do a full scalp massage.

Scalp Massage

Use the knuckles, fingertips, even your nails to massage the scalp all over. The resulting sensation is exhilarating, wakes up your brain, releases much tension and livens you up for a fresh start.

Facial Massage

Now with a well lubricated face using one of your favorite essential oils massage the face following the direction of the arrows shown on the picture below starting at the clavicles (collar bones).

Facial Massage

Direction of massage moves
Direction of massage moves

De-stressing Facial And Head Self Massage

6. Regenerate with Facial Muscle Toning

There is a big difference between trying to tone the skin with lotions and toning the underlying musculature of the face. For those who believe that skin toners work, fine. Let them continue spending money. But if the muscles below the skin are weak and floppy, the whole face will sag. Muscle toning in the face is much more important and far more effective than trying to tone the skin.

This is where we use a fundamental all facial muscle toner which I call the "O" with a Smile exercise. You may do this exercise when you wake up or at any time when your body and your face need a good boost.

Lying down on your back, close your eyes and relax for a few minutes. Slowly open your eyes, taking a deep breath.

The "O" with a Smile Exercise

  1. Make an "O" shape with the mouth and try to smile at the same time. This action tightens the muscles of the cheeks. To get the right feeling in the whole face pretend that you have just received some good news or that you are suddenly happily surprised by something. Try to hold the position for as long as you feel the burn in the cheek muscles.
  2. Now relax the face again but remember both the emotional and the physical feeling of the "O" with a smile exercise. You can always do it minimally (very small) any time you feel like perking up your mood.
  3. Stretch out your limbs, toes and fingers as if you had just woken up in the morning.
  4. Slowly roll over on to all fours and get up to standing, rolling the spine up from its base, head last.
  5. Now raise yourself on to the balls of your feet, and reach up with your hands, far up above your head, looking at the ceiling or the sky.
  6. Climb with your fingertips higher and higher, looking up until you can grow no taller.
  7. Finish by lowering the heels and, while sustaining a good stretch in the spine and neck, lower the arms, relax the shoulders so that your arms feel like the empty sleeves of an over coat.

You can keep doing the "O" with a smile throughout the sequence which all in all shouldn't take more than a few minutes to complete. Regenerating the whole body combined with facial muscle toning will ensure you go about your daily life with a happy well toned face at all times (well, most of the time).

7. Upside Down Facial with Gravity Inversion

What creates a droopy face? Gravity! The relaxation and regeneration exercises above are 10 times more effective when performed in an inverted position on a gravity inversion table. Just fancy using gravity to the body's advantage rather than its usual detriment. For the ultimate DIY facial at home why not work on your face in an upside down tipped position? When you come off, you feel younger, taller, balanced, strong, and much lighter. Learn more about Gravity Inversion

Which Is the Best Gravity Inversion Table?

I love to relax and gently massage and exercise my face upside down on my Teeter Gravity Inversion Table. This practice constitutes a very effective natural face lift. By using upside down gravity to the face’s advantage rather than its detriment, all the "hangy bits" in the face get a chance to return to their normal youthful looking place. While you are feeling this new placement, you can train the facial muscles to uphold these reset positions even when you are back to upright. The degree of descent into the upside down or semi upside down position ifs controlled by very subtle arm movements.

The ankle closure system is designed to distribute weight comfortably around the ankle without affecting the foot or heel, allowing for a more comfortable, secure, and relaxing body and facial inversion experience.

More Specifically- Natural Facelift

Now that you know how to fully relax, massage and tone the muscles of the face, you may want to do more specific facial exercises from my book Natural Facelift to address particular problem areas. I wrote the book Natural Facelift as far back as 1998 and it is on the market today in 5 languages thanks to the many magnificent reviews. In the beginning I recommend doing some of your preferred exercises for only 10 minutes a day. After about two weeks your face will already look and feel better. The long term result is a constant awareness of a face that can be happy, fit and good looking at any age.

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question in the discussion below.


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    • phildazz profile image

      Allan Philip 

      4 years ago from Toronto

      Wow, you couldn't be more thorough about facial health. Thank you for a delightful read.

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      4 years ago

      This reminds me of meditation. While I cannot say I would try all that you mention here I think you give useful advice.

    • Sue Adams profile imageAUTHOR

      Juliette Kando FI Chor 

      6 years ago from Andalusia

      You are welcome vespawoolf , glad you enjoyed it and can now do something to rejuvenate your face.

    • vespawoolf profile image


      6 years ago from Peru, South America

      This is fascinating! I've never considered that the way I tense my face could be aging it. I'll definitely look into this further. Thanks so much!


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