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Full Support Sports Bras Plus Sports Bras For Large Breasted Women

Updated on October 18, 2010

Cowgirls, Walkers, Runners, On the Go Mom's Finally Comfort and Support

Ladies if you have a little more in the front than junk in the trunk and don't want to jiggle when you giggle take a look at these bras.

It seems like trying to find a sports/support/compression/encapsulating whatever you want to call it bra for full figured, plus size, or just well endowed women is a tedious and time consuming task. Then after you get it usually one of the following holds true:

1) The support last until you've washed it a few times and then nada. Your back to the same over the shoulder boulder holders as before, (sorry I had to put that in here somewhere)

2) They make you feel like your bust is in a compression chamber and overflowing on the sides, back, front, (which is real breathtaking :-)

3) You can't hardly stand to be in it for more than an hour due to it cutting and binding, and then when you do take it off you've got all the red marks/battle scars to prove it.

4) When we wear it we go from a DD to a C. Ever have somebody who knows you give you that look? It's like "Where did you put the girls?" I mean I don't want them hanging out everywhere but I like the fact that I am endowed shall we say.

Well, I was messing around a few weeks ago and am always looking for special deals and there they were. I really wasn't even looking for a bra.

Are you ready for this, I am literally self conscious about riding my horses around other people when it comes to trotting, or loping, (running). If your a large,(well not even large really) endowed woman and ride a horse you know what I'm talking about. I don't care how smooth riding the horse is there is always a little bounce. I can't believe I just admitted that online Oh well

You can tell by just looking at them how supportive they are, and comfort is the key for me. So I gave it a shot and I love the first one I don't know about the others because I haven't tried them but they look to be just as comfortable and supportive Let me know if you try one of the others I would like to try a different style but not fond of the t-back, just doesn't look to me like it has the support I need. I could be wrong though, who knows

I have tried the seperators, navigators (just kidding), compression, etc. but they all seem to either look, I don't know like they're not real or pointed in different directions, or sag, ok you get the idea. It's hard, believe me I've been on the larger side since jr high, (and we won't talk about how long ago that was) which brings me to the next subject

Mothers of Daughters With Large Breasts

 Please if not here, then somewhere get them a bra that is not only comfortable, but supportive, and stylish. There is nothing worse than being the target of ridicule, and snide comments about breasts. It's embarassing, demeaning, and really can make a young lady feel not like a lady at all, just because of rude comments. They can also become self conscious about something they should be proud of.  It will also "set the tone" for how they feel about themselves later in life.

Girls develop a whole lot quicker these days than when I was growing up.  I have friends who have young teenage girls who have the body of 20 yr olds.  Girls are involved more in sports and activities these days (which is a good thing)  and need to adjust their undergarments for those activities.  Let's face it we don't wear the same bra to a nice dinner and night out as we would if we were going to the gym, and they shouldn't have to either.

So do them a favor and find out what they like and are looking for. Sometimes we don't talk about undergarments it's not your normal dinner conversation. So mention it and see what comes up.  They may let you know a little more than expected.

Make it an incredible day.  See ya

Click on one and check out some of the different colors

Let me know what you think

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