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Fun Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

Updated on November 10, 2009

Halloween is right around the corner. If you have not bought your costume yet, it is about time to decide what you want and go shopping for it. Many online retailers have made it much easier to select your favorite halloween costume. Most people put in a lot of thought into their costumes and what to wear that special night.

Now Halloween no longer remains a kid's holiday today. People of higher age-groups are equally ‘spell-bound' by the spirits of Halloween ! While men go for scary Halloween costumes, women prefer to charm in more feminine and coquettish sexy costumes on Halloween. Halloween Costumes are often designed to imitate supernatural and scary beings. The funkier and freakier your Halloween costume, the more the fun and thrill. Everyone seems to be ‘possessed' spending loads on their Halloween costumes and behaving like spooky spend-alls on Halloween. Demands for the kookiest Halloween costumes go sky-high almost a month before the most-awaited Halloween night. And the stores generously oblige with scary Halloween masks and peachy props to pep up people's Halloween guise !

Sexy Halloween Costumes for women are so much in demand this year. This Halloween, women are going for something more sexy and revealing like a cleavage-showing nurse costume.

Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

What do people do in these Halloween costumes? Answer is simple-bewitch ! Either in a party or just going about in the neighborhood with a whole bunch, the idea is to bewitch all and charm looker-ons in unwonted Halloween gears. Some even go haunting about a haunted house with their folks, while some others spend a romantic Halloween night with their spookhearts.

This year, men are dressing up as knights and Sugar Daddies, while women are going for something more sexy and revealing like a cleavage-showing nurse costume.

I have listed a few costumes that I like with pictures below. If you are interested in buying any of these, all the costumes and more are available online at the sites mentioned below.

Betty Boop Halloween Costume
Betty Boop Halloween Costume

1. Sexy Betty Boop Costume for Women

Be adored and be sultry as the world's beloved 1930s "Queen of the Animated Screen." Every woman has a little Betty Boop inside and costume parties are a great place to show off your "boop oop a doop." Betty Boop, the first cartoon leading lady, hit the screen in the 1930s. With a figure based on that of Mae West and the high, little girl voice, Betty Boop was a vixen long before Marilyn Monroe ever hit the silver screen. In classic Betty Boop style, the dress should be low cut or strapless and fit snugly around the curves of your body. Look for a pair of high heels to match your dress. Wear bright red lipstick and apply red toned blush to the apples of your cheeks in a rounded motion. Enhance your figure to achieve a Betty Boop silhouette with an uplifting bra or inserts. Finish off your Betty Boop look with a red, white or black feather boa and carry a stuffed white spotted dog. It will so much fun to wear this all time favorite sexy Halloween costume for women.



Vixen Pirate Costume
Vixen Pirate Costume

2. Vixen Pirate Halloween Costume

You'll be the apple of every pirate and landlubber's eye in this sexy halloween costume. This is the outfit for every open minded lady. The Vixen Pirate Wench costume is so sexy, perfect for this Halloween and it includes: a red dress with a peasant-style top and flared skirt. Bow accents and ruching on the sleeves give the dress an essence of romance. The double lace-up, velvet corset and velvet skirt overlay are additional titillating details.

Do not forget this invisible bra to go with your costume:

Invisible bra: Coverage where you need it most.These are ideal for strapless or halter tops and dresses when a bra simply won't work. Includes 3 sets of self-adhesive, microporous, disposable, backless, and strapless invisible bra cups.

Marilyn Monroe costume
Marilyn Monroe costume

3. Marilyn Monroe Costume

Marilyn Monroe was as well-known for her eye-catching accessories as she was for her dresses, and now you can add those same details to your costume. Be Marilyn in her famous dress from the 1955 movie "The Seven Year Itch." All you need is the subway grate! As Marilyn said "It's better for the whole world to know you, even as a sex star, than never to be known at all." In this costume, you will certainly leave a lasting impression on them!

I highly recommend buying a Marilyn Monroe wig to go with this amazing all-time sexy costume for women. A hot hairdo for a Hollywood honey! Whether you'll be filming a scene for your next movie or getting ready to sing Happy Birthday to a president, you know you'll look sexy from head to toe in this wig. The Marilyn Monroe Bombshell Wig is shoulder length and features blond, wavy locks.

Read all about Marilyn Monroe at site dedicated to her.

Popular Mafia Mama costume
Popular Mafia Mama costume

4. Mafia Mama Plus Costume for Women

One of the most popular Halloween costumes for women this year! Stick 'em up, boys!

She's got a killer outfit and a drop dead gorgeous look. The sexy and sassy Mafia Mama Halloween Costume for Women includes: A black and white pinstripe jacket, a matching vest, and a tulip style skirt to flatter any figure. A black and silver hat is also included to complete this hot ensemble. Guaranteed to be a HIT this Halloween! No doubt it is a fun and sexy Halloween costume.

Sexy Nurse costume
Sexy Nurse costume

5. The Pharmacist Adult or the Emergency room doctor Halloween Costume

aka Dr. Anita Hardwon - Sexy Costume

You will be coming back for more and more refills after visiting this naughty pharmacist. Includes a white button front dress, belt, "Dr. Anita Hardwon" removable badge, prescription pad, 2 prescription bottles and a pair of latex gloves. Do not forget to the halloween costume accessories, Glasses and hoop earrings.

Schoolgirl costume
Schoolgirl costume

6. Schoolgirl Costume

You'll get an A+ for being cutest in the class. You'll feel like you're cutting school and getting away with it in this sexy School Girl Costume. Most of the time this costume is used it is modified to be extremely sexy, but it is up to you. Apply a Band-Aid to your knee. Pop a piece of bubble gum in your mouth and practice blowing bubbles.

Where to buy these sexy Halloween Costumes?

Fun Sexy Halloween costume ideas for women are there in plenty - the more innovative you are, the more the fun. So take your pick, choose your Halloween gear and get dressed for a real freak show this Halloween!


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    • alancaster149 profile image

      Alan R Lancaster 4 years ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

      Blessedmom, I thought the pirate girl was Puss in Boots (it's a Brit thing, pantomime and all that stuff, where the principal boy is a girl and the wicked old witch is a man in drag - Pamela Anderson came over to appear in one, and Priscilla Presley appeared in 'Aladdin').

      There's another idea for your Hallowe'en party outfits

    • profile image

      Congratulations! 7 years ago

      You really came up with some cool ideas for women to use this and every Halloween.

      I thought this information was so good that I put a link to this page in an article that I wrote. Thanks again for the information and congratulations.

    • Roffi Grandiosa profile image

      Roffi Grandiosa 8 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia

      cool hub!!