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How to Tie Fabulous Silk Scarves for a Funky High Fashion Look

Updated on August 21, 2015

Silk Scarves have been part of the fashion scene for decades. As a result, it is too easy to dismiss them as being dated, an old woman’s decorative device. This gives short shrift to a worthwhile accessory. It is, after all, not the scarf itself, but how you wear it, that determines the look, the style, the fashion statement.

If you are searching for a way to look young, bright and vivacious or simply trying to set your own chic fashion, consider the suggestions below. They will act to guide you to employ your marvelous hand painted scarf to its very best effect.


If you are trying to achieve a particularly individualistic and young look, why not opt for a silk scarf tie? While it has been popular to sport a man’s tie, this limits your options. Employing a woman’s silk scarf in this role, however, opens up the gates for opportunities. Tie it loosely at the neck or tight. Let it flow elegantly down or crop it short. The variations in attractive and stunning colors and patterns als makes it stand out.


A variation on this is a simple fold-and-knot approach. Take the colorful silk scarf, fold it diagonally in half, take two of the triangle ends in separate hands and twist tightly once. Take this new creation and wrap it around the back of your neck, tying it loosely to the side.


If you want to, during winter you can create a variation of “2” above for greater warmth. Follow the same instructions but, instead of placing it at the back, the main portion rests at the front with the two corners at the back, crossed and returned to the front where they are tied loosely. Use a double knot without fear of an unsightly bulge. Silk fabric is fine, yet durable and never creates unattractive bunches of material.


There is more than one great and fashionable use for a silk scarf. Instead of tying it around the neck, place it on your head. It is marvelous for a bad hair day. Simply take a square silk scarf and fold it over crosswise. Position the triangle of material across the crown of the head so that the lengthy border is right up against the forehead. Move the two front corners of the fabric triangle to the rear of the head passing it over the top of the left over fabric and tie.  You then have two major options: let the ends cascade down your back or move them to the sides, letting them rest across your shoulders.

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