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6 Funky Watches

Updated on December 14, 2015

The world is changing fast and the wrist-watch industry is not being left behind. (i'm sure there's a pun there somewhere!). In this modern, digital, age two important factors have influenced the watch industry:

  1. Due to huge advances in technology it is easier and cheaper than ever to produce high quality watches at a low cost and sell them world-wide.
  2. The widespread popularity and improved functionality of mobile phones has reduced the necessity of a wrist-watch. People check their mobile phones so often that they are rarely unaware of the exact time.

However, this has not reduced the popularity of the wrist-watch, it has just changed buyer's reasons for wearing them. Watches are now, more than ever, a great way of making a fashion statement. Functionality, although always important, is less of a priority, style and design are increasingly important.

Although the classic designs of watches are still popular many manufacturers have responded to changing buyer demands by being more adventurous in their designs. Some embrace the digital age by incorporating new technologies such as USB and wireless, some have deviated as far from the traditional watch design as is possible and some are even producing watches made of wood!

Below we discuss in detail some of these funky watches.

JCDC Pop Hours Lego Style Watch
JCDC Pop Hours Lego Style Watch

JCDC Lego Watch

This may look like a very basic watch but as well as telling the time this JCDC model also has a date function and allows the wearer to display a personalized scrolling message. Its pretty funky, especially if you are or used to be into lego.

All of JCDC's watches tend to be similarly funky

This watch is for: outgoing, colorful people

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of JCDC Lego Watch
Wooden watch from WeWood
Wooden watch from WeWood

WeWood Wooden Watch

Made from maple wood, this watch is part of the WeWood Alpha Collection. It is a unisex watch which is eco-friendly, fully functional and built to last.

WeeWood watches definitely make a statement and there's no need to take them off at the airport.

This watch is for: the environmentally conscious

Timex Expedition
Timex Expedition

Timex Expedition Watch

With features including a compass, altimeter and thermometer, this watch is perfect for the exploring type.

One of the selling points is the large LCD screen which features all the data you need at once. It may be designed for functionality and not ideal for every day wear but it is pretty funky.

This watch is for: globetrotters

Purple Love Ice Watch
Purple Love Ice Watch

Ice Watch

Ice Watches are very fashionable with the younger market at the moment, with their cool and colorful designs it is easy to see why. Also, they are relatively affordable and I know some people who have bought the same watch in more than one color to go with different outfits.

If you would like a closer look I have included at the bottom of this article a link to a detailed review of an ice watch.

This watch is for: cool teenagers or wannabe teenagers

Classic Digital Watch from Timex
Classic Digital Watch from Timex

Timex Retro Digital Watch

If, like me, you went to school in the 90s you will surely recognize this classic digital watch from Timex. I remember being envious of the other kids who had this ultra cool watch with its stopwatch, alarm and night light. The flexible metal strap is not a feature I remember but its certainly not a common one these days.

Although more modern watches often include numerous additional functions this one is still cool, it is a symbol of its era and now we are moving into 2014 it is experiencing a new wave of popularity. I guess this is from people of my generation who get a similar nostalgic feeling, or it could just be because the 90s are now cool again, just as the 80s were recently.

This watch is for: anyone born in the 80s

Timex Men's T78677 Classic Digital Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Expansion Band Watch
Timex Men's T78677 Classic Digital Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Expansion Band Watch

You can buy the gold version of this retro classic from Amazon


Do you remember the Classic Timex watch?

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Orange Mirror Watch from OClock
Orange Mirror Watch from OClock

OClock Watches

OClock watches have a very simplistic design. To me they look like something from a cartoon or perhaps a sci-fi movie with their minimalism and clean display. One of those watches you either love or hate but definitely falls under the 'funky' category.

With this mirror model you can also check your make-up without anyone around you realizing.

This watch is for: the attention seeker

Which is your favorite of our funky watches?

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