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Furla Handbags - Best Sales on Bags, Satchels, Purses and Totes

Updated on May 12, 2011

Best Deals on Amazon for Furla Handbags

Furla Handbags - High Quality Fashionable Products for Women

Are you looking for Furla handbags that are on sale? Furla handbags are made of high quality Italian leather and fine materials to ensure longevity. The company was founded almost a hundred years ago by and individual named Aldo Furlanetto. Aldo began his venture in sales by trading handbags and other leather items. Sometime around 1971, Aldo’s children were given the family business, in which the trio developed the brand Furla. The Trio took the brand to international levels in sales and quickly established a fine brand worldwide. Furla handbags come in a wide variety of styles from the popular hobo bag to even clutch purses. Furla handbags are considered a fashionable icon with the likes of other top designers of similar products.

Some of the most popular Furla handbags are the Tate Satchel, Medumi Hobo and the Acradia Cateney. All three can be found on Amazon and for your ease, in the side module on this page.

The Tate Satchel Furla handbag is made from fine leather. The purse features gold toned clasp with the brand inscribed in visibility. The purse also features a classy polka dot interior liner with two inside pockets. One pocket is just an open ended pocket that can be used for a cell phone and the other is a zipper small pocket to store change or credit cards. The Tate satchel comes in three beautiful colors – onyx, filler, and melanzana. Onyx is a black coloring, while filler is a very dark green shade. Melanzana is a dark plum like coloring. All Furla handbags in the Tate Satchel model are 14 inches wide and 14 inches tall.

Furla Tate Satchel - Beautifully Designed for Women of All Ages

The tate sachel, Furla handbag is a purse that can be used for casual and business use.
The tate sachel, Furla handbag is a purse that can be used for casual and business use.

Furla Handbags Glamorous Fashion Show

Popular Furla Handbags - Details on Other Styles

The Mediumi Hobo is also made of fine leather with a large, thick shoulder strap. This type of Furla handbag comes in a croc like pattern in four colors. Colors that are available are onyx, clay coffee, filler and sabbia. Onyx and filler are the same black and very dark shades that the Tate satchel also comes in. Clay coffee is a deep brown shade, while sabbia is a lighter tan coloring. The strap is totally detachable for those who prefer to not use one and the Mediumi Hobo features the signature Furla famous lining. The interior features two pockets – one open ended and one zipper pocket. The overall look of the hobo features a slouchy like look that makes the bag appear very trendy, yet classy for women. The Furla handbag is a foot wide by 13 inches tall.

The Acradia Cateney, one of the best selling Furla Handbags, comes in filler, onyx and clay. This works out to being dark brown, deep green and black for color availability. The Acradia is a unique shoulder bag in design. It features decorative chain link accents down the sides and a blended magnetic closure that is very durable. The Furla handbag features two open pockets for keys and a cell phone with another interior pocket with a zipper closure. The dimensions of the bag are 13 inches high by 13 inches wide.

Furla Handbags - Deals Found

Check all of the great deals found on this page for the top fashionable Furla handbags that are available at deep discounts on Amazon. You will save a lot of money and products are listed with prices for your shopping ease.

Newest Furla Handbags at Huge Discounts on Amazon: Get It Before It Sells Out

Furla Handbags

Furla Handbags are made from exceptional quality materials.
Furla Handbags are made from exceptional quality materials.


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