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Geek is the new Cool

Updated on August 11, 2014

We may have been picked on in high school, but no longer!

Before we go into ideas for gifts I think its important to clarify who is a geek. This is going to sound odd, but I believe in our own way we all can be Geeks. In today's culture anyone who is smart is considered a geek, yet smart shows like CSI and Big Bang Theory that have built large followings show that a vast majority of the population wants to be challenged. We don't need to pander, we can elevate and have smart humor. Sure not everyone is a Star Trek fan, but science fiction is not synonymous with geek.

So as you look at the gifts below, thing of how each of us enjoy being made to feel smart, which could be considered geek.

Image Credit:

Who doesn't love a good Bazinga?

With 6 seasons, Big Bang Theory has caught the attention of a huge part of the population and glorifies extremely smart scientists. The show and its actors have brought out that you don't have to be 6ft tall and muscular to find true love or to find happiness in life. It shows that we all have our quirks that others might laugh at but frankly we may absolutely love them. There is no end to shirts, socks and other items from this show; I personally like the classic Bazinga shirt.

Brains need exercise as well

Remember when everyone loved the original Rubric's cube? There was something amazing about this seemingly easy toy that had so many of us stumped. Just as many of us do some kind of exercise, so too does our brain need to be given a workout. Believe it or not video games are not all bad, they teach hand-eye coordination and help improve response times. In the same way toys such as the one on the right also help the brain think spatially which could help if you are trying to get a job for NASA or just have some extra time on your hands.

Lots more at: Think Geek Toys

We all like a good laugh

If you ever have guests over, and let's face it who doesn't, having conversation pieces in the house is always fun. Sometimes that can be a piece of art, but sometimes it is as silly as ice in special shapes or a town that looks like bacon. Some of these gifts are more practical than others, but at the end of the day can you really put a price on laughter?

Lots of ideas at Think Geek Home & Office

Who doesn't like Gizmos and Gadgets?

Remember those episodes of Looney Tunes that talked about the homes of tomorrow that would self-clean or cars that would fold into a suitcase. As kids and adults we have grown to love gadgets that either make our life easier or are just frankly fun. Do we really need a T.V. remote that is shaped like a magical wand? Probably not, but I have to say I love it! It adds personality and a whimsical aspect to our lives. But there are plenty of gadgets that do make our life easier. Think of the converter that goes in your car to turn your cigarette lighter to an outlet, or a small batter pack for your phone when it runs out of juice on a long drive. These are both fun and useful.

Lots of ideas at: Think Geek Electronics

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day there are very few people in this world that want to be considered dumb. We all love feeling and being seen as smart, to me that is the new Geek. So whatever the gift is for, birthdays, holidays, or just because, think of something that someone will not only enjoy but might give a boost to their ego.

Did I miss the perfect gift? I would love to know!

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