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G-Star - A Buyers Guide

Updated on January 19, 2012

Brand History

Since G-Star was established in 1989 they have always been ‘Just about the Product.’ This focused approach has led to GStar becoming a market leader; they fused together high level craftsmanship with street level edge in order to create ‘luxury denim for the streets’. This innovate move created a brand new denim sector including the introduction of raw, untreated denim as a wearable and sought after material. In order to get the most out of denim designers created washes and treatments to bring out the materials unique characteristics and qualities this has led to them creating a palette of washes ranging from raw unwashed denim to deep indigo dyed treatments. Many products are inspired by vintage military clothing; GStar uses different designs from militaries globally including zippered arm pockets to hold mobile phones and small devices. The GStar Raw line rocketed in 1996 and has gained a strong reputation for the high quality products they create. Added extras such as complex seam lines, pockets and detailing has received high acclaim from industry insiders. RAW products include denim that is dyed but not washed or treated and has advantageous features such as it will fade uniquely to the body of the wearer. Since the RAW line was launched GStar has widened its concept to include a newer, edgier image. The new look takes classic lines and mixes them with a street style edge, the result of this is mass appeal to all styles. Authentic details and functional attributes give the collection a strong sense of identity.

Footwear Collection

25 years after the brand was launched in 1989 they have extended their expertise into footwear. G Star shoes and boots offer high quality style for an urban lifestyle; we’ve picked some of our favourite styles to share with you. The mens Yard Skirmish HI caught our eye with its basketball style and premium leather uppers in a lightweight construction. The canvas panels, rubber sole and padded ankle support make this shoe a comfy choice! We also love the Pilot Air force Boots; their sophisticated military style will ensure you look stylish all year round. The top of the boot features an adjustable buckle and fitted into the side is a zip for convenience. The GStar Frisk Logo trainers mix cutting edge style with cool urban fashion and feature the GStar logo embossed on the side. They are made from leather and are available in grey with contrasting laces and sole.


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