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How To Create Curls With A Hair Straightener

Updated on February 28, 2015

Now you can re-create Hillary Duffs hairstyle!

A Celebrity Hairstyle You Can Create At Home:

If you're bored with the same old straight hairstyle created with your Straightening Iron - or just want to glam it up- for a special event, without having to visit a Hairdresser - Here's a step by step styling guide to allow you to create that glamorous 'Red Carpet' flowy, messy, curled hair look at home with your own Hair Straightner:

  • Start with dry hair (it doesn't have to be pre-straightened, unless you want a more 'tidy' look to the final result).
  • Apply Straightening Balm, Shine Serum or heat protection product (The same products you would usually use before straightening your hair).
  • Ensure your Hair Straightening Iron has been heated to it's highest setting.
  • Section off your hair (as you usually would for straightening).
  • Take a small section of hair (the larger and wider the section, the more flowy and loose the curls will be. Smaller sections mean tighter curls). The section you make can be a few centimeters wide, but don't make it too thick because the end result may just be 'waivy hair'.
  • Comb through this section of hair to ensure it's not tangled.
  • Holding the combed section of hair, take your straightening iron, and hold it horizontally (as you usually would for straightening). Close it on the hair a few centimeters from the roots (for a more loose look on longer hair you can start from as far down as about a third of it's length).
  • Hold your Hair Straightener at the end (or the curling action will be difficult). Twist your wrist up and turn the Iron over and over as you also gradually move it down to the ends of your hair. This twisting motion can take a few goes before you get it right, as it feels a little unnatural at first using a Straightening Iron this way!
  • Spray a little hair-spray on the curl you've just created.
  • For the next curl you repeat, except you twist your wrist in the opposite direction. For example, if you twisted your Iron and turned it upwards on the first curl, for the next one, twist it under (turning your wrist under rather than over). Turning each curl in the opposite direction creates this 'messy-curl' look.
  • Once you've finished move your fingers downwards through your curls to break up some of the 'chunkier' ones - when can result from when you sprayed them with hairspray earlier.
  • One final spray of gloss or Hairspray will allow you to shape any kinks into place! And you'll be ready to show off your fabulous new look!

Best Wishes,


How to create curls WITHOUT a hair straightener:

You might also like to try these tips for creating curls without using a straightening iron.

  1. After shampooing scrunch your hair using your bath towel. Once the excess water is gone, continue to scrunch your hair after applying either hair moose or leave-in conditioner, or a combination of both products. Then let your hair dry naturally, scrunching it from time to time as it dries. Scrunching your hair upside down works best for long hair as it allows the length to be scrunched up. When your hair is dry run your fingers through it a little to shape, and continue to shape it as you apply hairspray to hold it in place.
  2. Section dry hair and curl it around your finger, then pin each curl to your head. Give the pinned up curls a blast with the hairdryer, and a spray of hairspray, and let them down, and shape to suit using your ffingers, don't comb it through.
  3. Section dry hair and fasten a strip of fabric or ribbon to the sectioned hair at the scalp. Twist your hair around the fabric and fasten the fabric to the top of your head around the twist. You can curl your hair wet using this method but will probably need to sleep with the fabric in overnight, so that you can remove the fabric when you hair is fully dry.
  4. Use an oldstyle curling wand. Just apply a little product and twist each section around the tong. Ensure your hair is blowdried first for best results.
  5. Scrunch your wet or semi-wet hair with sea-salt mist and let it dry. The sea-salt adds texture to your hair and a leave in conditioner is not required with this method.
  6. Set your hair for an hour or so with velcro curlers. Just twist your dry hair around the curler until the curler is sitting at your scalp. Blast with a hair dryer, and a mist of hairspray, and let it set until cooled.


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