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GUCCI Glasses 2011

Updated on March 23, 2011

GUCCI Sets Trends In 2011

The 2011 New Collection of GUCCI Sunglasses are very creatively designed. They are made in Italy and cost a grip. Now if you got the money, your wardrobe is not complete without these this summer. GUCCI has presented 2011 with a wide variety of stylish shades and glasses for you to floss this spring and summer They have a unique display of colors and accessories that will blow any shopaholic away. These designer frames are very much needed when trying to look fly on a nice spring or summer day.

I really love the unique style that GUCCI has to offer with the high end retail that they are bringing to the table. I not only love their eye wear but they have a lot to offer this year in the world of fashion. My favorite glasses are the NEW $285 GUCCI Unisex AVIATOR Polarized Sunglasses 2795. They sell on Amazon for $285.00 and are very popular amongst the celebrities such as Kanye West, Amber Rose and more. Their accessories are of the chain also. I am in love with the GUCCI Interlocking Hobo. It sells for $499.00 on Amazon and it comes in a classy, stylish Gold color that is sure to make any lady standout with ease.

Yes GUCCI can be expensive but they are the king when it comes to stylish and trendy apparel and accessories. Every woman is not complete without that perfect GUCCI handbag or eye wear. Shoes are a big seller also when it comes to GUCCI targeting ladies who live in the mall. Check out some of their products on Amazon below to get more info about products and pricing.

2010 GUCCI Sunglasses with the glitter black frame.
2010 GUCCI Sunglasses with the glitter black frame.


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