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Simple Gadgets and Personal Skin Care

Updated on February 6, 2014

Each day when you look at the photo of your favorite actress a deep sigh is heard inside you. We all want to be beautiful. We all desire a beautiful skin but how many of us have inherited good genes? To compensate for that loss we often frequent costly spas and beauty parlors and end up spending a fortune. To make matters worse sometimes the visit to these parlors do not bear the fruits of labor that were intended to.


The spa experience at home

Are you serious? I know this is the first question that you are going to ask me. As a matter of fact I am very serious and what I am doing is plainly sharing my own experience. I myself being a woman of twenties always want to look good and feel good not only for me but also for my man. I am at the initial phase of starting a new family so visiting beauty parlors at regular intervals is something that I can only dream of and not fulfill at this very moment. But I did not gave up. I started searching for the alternate ways. I wanted something that I can try at home on my own. All these search led me to some simple yet useful pieces of electronic gadgets that has helped me get a glowing skin. Now I get complements for my skin from everybody and I am happy about it. I want these basic facts to be known to hapless women like me who has the desire to get a good skin but unfortunately lacks the resource. All these gadgets are mostly one time investments and will not leave you bankrupt.

The first step

Ok. Now that you are determined that you will use some gadgets for some homemade remedy of your fading beauty the first question that arise in your mind is that from where to begin? Well, obviously the face.

  1. Face is the most important part of our body and which remains expose all time and bears all forms of tortures not only from the pollution and harsh weather but also from the makeups that we wear everyday.
  2. The first signs of ageing reflects on the face.
  3. Even if you miss a day's sleep it comes on the face. So it is very important to take care of our face.

Well many of us are not in a situation to visit expensive parlors and spas as we have discussed earlier so the first and foremost device that we should own is a facial massager. Facilities of a face massager.

  • Nowadays facial massagers come very handy with battery operated facility.
  • They are even cheaper than their electrically operated counterparts.
  • Moreover easy handling and carrying facility gives them an extra edge. Most of these massagers have multiple brush heads with the help of which you can very easily carry out all the steps of a facial procedure.
  • With the help of facial massager now cleaning-scrubing-moisturizing-toning has become so very easy.
  • Even you can use these devices on other parts of the body as per instruction and can gain excellent results.

Blackhead problems are big problems

We all are aware how much ugly blackheads can look on our face. Even whiteheads and open pores can become a real nuisance in our life. To combat such problem the most simple solution is a facial steamer.

  • Facial steamers help help open up pores of the skin and help in the proper cleaning of the skin.
  • Acne problems gets visisbly reduced.
  • These facial steamers not only benefit our skin but also give us relief from headaches and blocked noses.

You can also use simple blackhead suction devices that are battery operated to clear out blackheads, whiteheads and visibly reduce open pores. Only we have to remember that we have to use the blackhead suction device after we have steamed the face. So you can see many of these devices have multi-function facilities.

Don't neglect your hands and feet

Our problem is that we give too much attention to the face sometimes and thoroughly ignore our hands and legs which are also visible to the rest of the world! Simply count how many bucks you have wasted on that costly pedicure the previous month and still desire if you could do that again. Well the good news is check out for the pedicure and manicure spa machines that are available readily in the market. The hot spa for hand and feet will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated after a tiresome and hectic day.

There are many types of machines.

  • Machines that use water.
  • Machines the use hot paraffin.

Only you have to choose according to your preferences and requirements. Then repeat and enjoy this ultimate relaxation experience as often you want.

Hairy look vs Clean look

Now after you accomplish everything do not be hairy anymore. There are some options to remove hair.

  1. A nice razor can give a clean look but the skin can dry up and hair is also not uprooted from the roots so traces of them stay on the skin.
  2. Whereas in waxing hair is pulled out from the depth of the skin giving us a smooth and supple look.

If you want to use a gadget for hair removal better use an electric epilator. Those who want to aviod pain use electric shaver which will also also help you to get a hairless smooth look and you can wear your favorite summer shorts confidently again. Electric shavers or Epilators are one time investment that will provide you with profitable results time and again.

Be confident

Finally one thing that is very important is your confidence. A confident you is definitely a better you. Never ever loose the sense of your confidence. Always believe that whatever you are you are unique you are special in your own way. You need not replicate a model from a glossy magazine cover. Only you need to look and feel good for yourself and these gadgets will definitely help to boost up your confidence in yourself as they have done in me. Now you can also look better, look well groomed and that too within an affordable budget.

You are Unique, you are Special
You are Unique, you are Special | Source

Gadgets and their usage

Body Parts
Face/ Other parts
Electric Multipurpose Massager
Blackhead suction device
Facial steamer
Hot Paraffin Spa/ Hot Bubble Spa
Hot Bubble Spa
Wherever required
Epilator/ Shaver

Which will be your most helpful gadget in your daily beauty regime?

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Some more information on skin care using gadgets

© 2013 Deblina Banerjee


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    • deblina banerjee profile image

      Deblina Banerjee 3 years ago from Irving, Texas

      @ younghopes thanks for your comment. I simply wrote about those gadgets that I personally use at home.

    • younghopes profile image

      Shadaan Alam 3 years ago from India

      Some really great tips worth trying, thanks for this hub, having a glowing skin at home is a dream come true for many of us.