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Garage Shoes - For Affordable Boots And Sandals

Updated on August 16, 2012

Garage Shoes is one of the largest footwear retailers in the United Kingdom offering a broad collection of boots, sandals, and other accessories for both men and women. The company primarily caters to the needs of fashion conscious individuals. Amongst the wide range, there is a variety of models that range from floral printed, platform heels, wooden sandals, clogs to peep toes increasingly available for ladies. On a weekly basis, the firm introduces latest and magnificent footwear suitable for casual or formal needs. The company is popularly known worldwide for selling shoe styles at affordable prices. Besides this, the store also offers online shopping facility enabling shoppers to purchase from the comforts of home.

Various Garage Shoes models:

Procure boots ideal for women offers a fashionable and stylish look. It is basically a long leg and round toe boot made of superior quality faux leather. It even has a distinct cross-over belt featured from the top to bottom. The boot comes in diverse colors like brown, black, red, grey etc. to easily complement any outfit. Fabrice in black and brown color is an ankle leather boot style laced up in the front. In addition, it consists of a platform measuring 2 cm. in length and 12 cm. pointed heels.

Similarly, party sandals in different varieties are available. The latest models include Shaka designed using satin upper of varying color tones. The footwear has side Velcro fasteners that securely sits around the ankle even during heavy activities. Further, white stones are embellished around the straps to provide an attractive look. While Gladiator laced up sandals comprise of stiletto medium heels measuring 8 cm. in length. In addition the sandals has cushioned insole that offers a comfortable feel during fun activities or when standing for long hours.

On the other hand, the wedding shoe line is renowned all over the globe. Slingback bridal stiletto sandal comes with an open-body and adjustable ankle buckle. It is constructed from faux leather and can be perfectly matched with any wedding gown design. While the Diamante satin shoes featuring a Gladiator t-bar style is an apt choice for pastel colored wedding dress. It is fitted with large size ankle cuff and a pewter buckle.

Additionally, an extensive selection of Garage Shoes models exists for men. Among which, canvas deck Plimsoll shoe is a best option for a sporty appearance. It is sold in varying sizes and includes a rubber sole for a relaxed fit. Likewise, there is Rooney made of canvas upper and classic looking lace-up Plimsole. With a range of Garage Shoes available, it is however essential to consider size, style, and comfort level before choosing the right kind of footwear.


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    • mackyi profile image

      I.W. McFarlane 6 years ago from Philadelphia

      Thanks for sharing this bit of information. I wonder, how expensive are these shoes?