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Gardening Shoes for Women

Updated on September 21, 2012

 Everyone gets the gardening bug when the sun shines and the days get longer.  The desire to be outside and dig our hands into the dirt makes us long for those spring days!  When thinking about refurbishing your garden supplies don't forget garden boots! Sloggers makes some very cute garden clogs and garden boots for women.  Customers gave these garden boots and clogs high reviews.  Come and check it out! 

The Sloggers women's garden shoe comes in blue or green. Sizes vary from 8 to 10. These comfortable shoes are 100% waterproof guaranteed! Customers gave this garden shoe four out of five stars. They loved the fact that it had a supported heel and was very comfortable. They also love the fact they can wear these shoes outside all day and don't have to worry about dirt getting in the holes. This style only has a few shoes left!

 Check out this stylish looking garden shoe!  This is the Slogger's Midsummer's Night Dream Garden Clog.  It comes in black and blue and has a pattern of leaves and other foliage on it.  They are very attractive.  They are also very popular as they have 17 customer reviews.  Customers give this garden shoe a total of five out of five stars.Customers liked the tread on the bottom and loved the colors. Customers also ordered a half a size bigger than normal.  More customer reviews state these are fun loving shoes and great to travel with in the car!

 The Slogger's mid-Summers Night Dream boot features the same design as above.  This  ladies boot also comes in a black or a blue.  They are completely waterproof and are easily hosed off. The pretty pattern will not hose off either.  31 customer reviews gave these gardening boot four and a half stars out of five. Customers like the fact they can tuck their pant legs in the top of the boot. The also like the fact they are lightweight and playful.  Customers also state this garden boot is very comfortable.

 The Slogger's Women's wildflower boot comes in a bright pattern of yellows and reds.  This pretty garden boot is close to being sold out!  It is completely waterproof and hoses of easily.  The pattern does not come off easily either. Six customers gave this garden boot five out of five stars.  Customers like how comfortable they are are and how flexible the sole is.  One customer uses her Slogger wildflower boots to walk on the beach.

The Slogger Women's footwear clogs  come in three colors, red, blue and green.  These lightweight clogs are made of plastic and are extremely comfortable.  Sloggers claim this is their most popular item.  Fifteen customer reviews give these garden shoes four out of five stars.   Customers are wearing these shoes in the garden, to walk the dog and even on boats.  They are easy to wash off with the water hose. Customers liked how lightweight they feel too.


Yes Sloggers makes a garden shoe for men too! This garden shoe comes in black. They are flexible yet have a rugged sole. Customers gave them four out of five stars. Men state they like wearing these garden shoes around the lawn or just about anywhere. They state that they are comfortable and that they offer great arch support.

Check out this fancy paisley boot! It is a very attractive red and orange pattern! These Paisley garden boots are guaranteed waterproof. The pattern will not scrape of either! They are available in many sizes. Many customers state how well they like the comfort of the boot. Gardeners state they have had many kinds of gardening shoes before, but they prefer Sloggers!

 Here is a selection of Slogger boots for you to choose from. They are all in beautiful colors and patterns.

 These Zebra print Sloggers garden shoes are very cute.  It has a high density sole that allows the shoe ot be comfortable all day!  The wide top makes it easy to get your foot in or out of the shoe.  Available in size 6 here but also available in size 7 on Amazon!

 Western Chief also makes some great shoes for the garden. Take a look at the Western Chief Green Thumb Clog.  This garden shoe features a garden print with a dark green trim and soles.  This shoe is very durable and sturdy. It comes in sizes 6 to 19.

Western Chief Women's Bug Party Clog

 The Western Chief Women's Party Clog features a bug print outlined in a bright blue. It is a good sturdy outside shoe.  This garden clog keeps your feet warm and dry.


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