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Luscious Garter Belts For Unruly Stockings

Updated on October 13, 2009

There are two types of stockings in the world. Stockings which are elasticated to stay up, and stockings which will fall down without so much as a 'by your leave'. Stockings falling into the second category will require a sturdy garter belt to keep them up and away from your knees.

Of course, a sturdy garter belt does not need to be plain or merely functional. No, a garter belt can be sexy, sensual and downright alluring when it wants to be.

The garter belts in this article run from the inexpensive and saucy to the decadently luxurious. I've chosen two popular online lingerie retailers in this article, Secrets in Lace, and Yandy. Both produce interesting lingerie, however they do so at opposite ends of the price spectrum.

Yandy French Lace Garter Belt

Perhaps the most obvious positive associated wit this garter belt up front is it's price. Less than twelve dollars for what is a very sexy little garter belt indeed. The black lace plunges in a diminishing column down the thighs, terminating in sturdy clips.

Secrets in Lace Vibrant Garter Belt

And now for something completely different. The Secrets in Lace vibrant garter belt is modeled along vintage lines and comes in gold, green and red. Now granted, if you get the garter belt you're probably going to end up with the rest of the ensemble as well, but worse things have probably happened to you in your life. For a sexy retro look which is sure to feel absolutely amazing against your skin, it is really hard to go past this garter belt.

Pink Ruffle Garters from Yandy

Back to Yandy we go for a garter / bikini top combination that quite frankly, is one of the most irresistible pieces of lingerie known to man. The combination of lace, mesh and ruffles is scientifically proven to draw lovers of lingerie like moths to a flame, except instead of burning yourself to death every time you try to touch it, you'll be drawn into the kind of ecstasy that only lingerie can provide.

Coquette Garter From Secrets In Lace

Secrets in Lace come back with their 'Coquette' garter belt, a piece of lingerie designed to go with their bullet bra. This lingerie is decidedly retro, however ladies and lads looking for a little bit of tummy support with their garter will not go disappointed. Just look at the impressive breadth on that thing! You can be sure that your stockings will not be escaping any time soon when you slip into this garter belt, though by modern standards its outward appearance could be described as somewhat plain.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      I also love Secrets in Lace. Cameo Intimates also has some wonderful and sexy lingerie. My current garter is a 6 strap from Comfilon. my stockings come from there as well. I feel a slinky evening coming on.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thank you so much for introducing me to SIL. I LOVE THAT SITE!!!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hey, I know Secrets In Lace, I love that site and their products. Have been using them for years. I'm not a Victoria's Secret guy, the quality isn't there and the models are too damn thin. SIL are much better all the way around. Thanks Hope for one of my fave subjects: garterbelts. :)


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