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Gauging your ears

Updated on September 2, 2011


Gauging is a form of body piercing in which the ears are stretched to accommodate larger jewelry. Gauging is not the technical term. Really what your are doing is stretching the ears. The word gauge is just another way of saying stretching. Before gauging your ears you must make sure you really want to do it. Some people like to get very large ear gauges. A lot of people like the appearance an opt to keep stretching their ears continually. The process can not be done all at once. If you want to have very large ear gauges then it takes some time. You need to start with the smallest gauge and work your way up.

These are the sizes: The bigger the number the smaller in diameter, the smaller the number the larger in diameter.

20 to 00 are the sizes.

Sizes larger than 00 are measure in fractions of an inch.

Remember gauging is a slow process. Never skip sizes. Always go to the next size and you must have proper healing time. Healing time can take about a month. That is the most common, but it may take longer for some. Also keep in mind that make sure your job allows gauges. Even if your current job allows it a future one may not.

1.Begin stretching with the right size of Jewelry. Stick to steel,titanium, or glass to avoid infection. Buy a taper in the same size as your jewelry. A good thing to have for stretching is to have some lubricant. Use things like emu oil and avoid petroleum jelly(Vaseline) Any water based lubricant is fine.

2. To stretch slide the taper through your ear. There should be no excessive bleeding or anything. If the taper can not go through then your piercing is not ready to be stretched. If you are successful though you can leave the taper in for a day or so. Do not wear them though after this. Wearing taper may cause an uneven stretching to the ear.

3.Be sure to take care of your piercing using "sea salt soak" with warm water and regular oil massages.

4. There are different times of healing a month is common, but it may be longer. Just make sure you have enough healing time in between stretches. If you rush this could result in the ear ripping or worse.

When buying kits be sure that they are the ones you want. You can not return them due to sanitary health reasons regardless if they think you used it or not. The internet is a good place to find jewelry, but tattoo and piercing places are also okay.

I just can not stress the importance of going slow. Skipping gauges is bad. You can get your ears infected,swelling,blow outs, and all kind of trouble. Do not rush for any reason. If any of these happen downsize to the previous size and keep the ear clean.

If you are young you should consult your parents. A lot of parents do not like the idea of having there son/daughter getting one. Of course you also have jobs that may not allow this either. Getting large sized gauges is a decision you have to make and be sure you really want to do it. This is a process that takes sometime and a lot of people may not respect people with large piercings. My friend often gets stereotyped for having large piercings. This is something that you may enjoy, but others do not like. Some people will like the though of having them and others will frown upon them.


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    • BetteMachete profile image

      BetteMachete 6 years ago

      "The word gauge is just another way of saying stretching."

      Well, the word gauge is actually a measurement term. It has nothing to do specifically with stretching. For example, the gauges on your car are instruments to measure gas, mileage, etc. Sheet metal is sold in thickness by gauge. Needles are measured in gauges. A gauge is an increment of measurement, doesn't have anything to do with stretching specifically.

      Also, gauging isn't really a form of body peircing, it is a form of body modification and peircing too I guess. Maybe you could combine that info in your article.

      I really dig your article and it has a lot of great advice and I can tell you stretch your ears personally from the way you write. (Me too)

      I just thought I would tell you about what gauge actually means because it is within the first couple of sentences in your article and it isn't exactly true...

      I think you should make that statement more factual but you don't have to, it just may mislead people who do not know any better. Anyway, I rated you up.