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Gay pornstars; Examples of when you have gone too Metrosexual for your own good

Updated on January 27, 2012

Gay pornstars!

My favorite gay pornstar Jeremy Walker, he is so handsome and obviously gay.
My favorite gay pornstar Jeremy Walker, he is so handsome and obviously gay. | Source

Hey Straight guys

Let me say a couple things first, I'm gay and I love good looking men. However, when a man looks a certain way, he attracts the attention of gay men. If that's something you want, that's great. If not, here's some advice:

Don't wax your eyebrows!

Whenever I see a man with waxed eyebrows, I immediately think "I have a shot at this dude!"

Avoid super tight clothes around the crotch and butt!

Seeing a male bodybuilder in a super tight v-neck shirt is a glorious sight but seeing one with tight jeans where you can see the outline of his butt and penis will make many gay men go wild and some will stare. Some will go up to you and ask "How much?". Most women think men who do this are gross, too.

Avoid Blonde Highlights and/or Faux Hawks!

It makes you look gay-for-pay, bro.

No manicures or pedicures!

Feet with calluses are fine or use a damn pumice stone, professionally treated nails, as a guy, screams "I want to be penetrated".

No lip gloss or Snake Bite (Lip Plumper) or Mascara or Concealer!

It seems like I have to point this out but all men are beautiful and if you are trying too hard seems like you want a dude, which is cool.

Above is a picture of Jeremy Walker, a very hot gay porn star who looks gay.


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