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Gel Evolution 6 Running Shoes - Do You Have Flat Feet?

Updated on April 23, 2012

Gel Evolution 6 running shoes are lightweight and comfortable with the arch support that many find helps cure the running ills associated with flat feet. We found many reviews from men and women with flat feet that were happy with these shoes.

For example, Azazello tells us that he runs 20 plus miles in a week. Because of his "extremely flat feet" and overpronation, runners knee has always haunted him. He tried the Asics Gel Evolution shoes and thinks they are "awesome".

Jon reports that his shin splints are gone. It took some time before his shin splints were gone but these shoes seemed to do the trick. After 2 week of running and tennis, Jon still had shin splints. But soon after the pain started to diminish. Now - 6 months later - he is running pain free.

Another reviewer, who calls herself superhead, tells us that whiles she's "not a runner" she is on her feet for 12 hour nursing shifts. Super is able to wear her Gel Evolution 6 shoes the entire shift without pain even though she suffers from plantar fascitis. She say these are the most comfortable shoes shes ever worn.

You can checkout more reviews like these here.

Are Asics Gel Evolution 6 Shoes Right For You?

Why Are People Finding Relief From Flat Feet?

Men and women have reported getting relief from the aches and pains associated with flat feet after wearing a pair of Asics Gel Evolution 6 running shoes for a while. Relief from plantiar fasciitis has also been recorded. The question is: "Just why do these shoes help when others have not?"

We think it all boils down to cushioning and support. The two density mid-sole and the memory foam sock liner combine to make the Gel Evolution 6 a well fitting and comfortable shoe. The DuoMax® Support System is positioned to enhance support and stability.

How do you rate Asics Gel Evolution 6 Running Shoes?

4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Asics Gel Evolution 6

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