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Gel Nails - Do Your Own at Home and Save Money

Updated on May 12, 2011

Gel nails are an alternative to acrylic nails. Gel nails also don’t have that unpleasant odor that acrylic nails do from the formula mixture. You can also do your own easily with an inexpensive gel nail kit. Another benefit of gel nails is that they are more realistic compared to other manicure alternatives. The curing duration is also lightning speed when using a UV light. Gel nails also allow a user to use any type of coloring or nail design for her personal preference. Consider buying your own gel nail kit, nail art and accessories and save yourself a bundle by doing them at home. It’s not as hard as you think, just follow the directions that come with the kits and you will have fabulous nails in no time.

Get beautiful gel nails by doing them yourself. Photo courtesy of lukaszfus of
Get beautiful gel nails by doing them yourself. Photo courtesy of lukaszfus of

Gel Nails – Kits

You can purchase inexpensive kits to make your own gel nails from Amazon. When you consider the cost of going to salon and having your fingernails done up, these kits will pay for themselves after a few applications.

You could also purchase a kit and have your friends pitch in some money and have bi-weekly or monthly nail parties. If you are unsure of your skills when it comes to applying gel nails, don’t worry. The kits come with a DVD and instructions to help you. If you read the reviews under the product listings for the kits, you will see where previous buyers state that learning how to use them was very easy when doing their own nails. Check the kits out for yourself.

Gel Nail Art

As you can see to the right, you can find great deals on gel nail art bundles. Just about any type of design you can think of is found in these bundles on Amazon. These manicure sets contain vibrant colors and some are even three dimensional.

Just as the raves with the Gel Nail kits, these art bundles for nails are rated very high from previous customers. In stores, similar sets for way more money but these sets for your gel fingernails are at wholesale costs. The product also ships very fast for customer satisfaction and generally offers free shipping.

Buy them as soon as you can, they are popular and sell out quickly on Amazon. Check out the product listings to see all of the designs that are offered in the bundles. You’ll be amazed.

Gel Nail Polish

If nail art isn’t your thing, then you can find sets of gel nail polish for a more sophisticated look.  Amazon sells many different sets of colors to suit anyone’s needs. Gel nail polish is also much cheaper online compared to retail pricing.

Check out some of the gel nail polish sets that are found on Amazon. You’ll find that you are offered many different color choices for any occasion or preference.

Collections, depending on the manufacturer, come with nail wipes, vibrant colors and different topcoat protectors to seal the polish.

Gel Nails Tutorial

Another Gel Nail How-To


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