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Generation Jewelry - Family owned store vs Chain store

Updated on January 8, 2015
Locally Owned Business, Karats Jewelers
Locally Owned Business, Karats Jewelers

Don't become a link in the chain; shop at locally (family) owned businesses not chain stores. We all complain about our society treating us in an impersonal way and then we mindlessly walk into a chain store. We contribute to the loss of our individuality when we do this and eventually we blend in and become invisible in the crowd.

Some things that we buy bring us increased status when they are recognized by others. For instance a certain make of car can impress people. However it is different with jewelry. The effect you want is for people to tell you they have never seen anything else like it. You want to be able to say to them that they never will see anything else like it because it is a custom piece from a designer and it is "one of a kind". You won't get that reaction from jewelry you buy in a chain store because they sell an "assembly line" look in jewelry. I refer to it as the "fast food" of jewelry because it is produced to appeal to the masses in looks and poor quality. The reason for the uniformity of merchandise sold in a chain store is so they can run national ads. They have no interest in specializing in items that will fit the local community. Only a locally owned business provides the personal touches we all prefer. They will show you jewelry you can't find anywhere else. They will focus their attention on you and you'll end up with a custom piece of jewelry from the exclusive designers they use.

It's the subtle differences about us that separate us from others. Jewelry can be used to set yourself apart from others. We can't drag our belongings and furnishings around with us to show the world how unique we are. But we can wear a piece of jewelry that was created just for us and we'll get noticed. A locally owned business does this all the time for their customers. They listen to them and then take the ideas to the designers who create a custom piece of jewelry.

A locally owned business provides quality service because it benefits them. They want the "word of mouth" referrals from satisfied customers. Also, they have invested themselves in the business and they can't walk away from it. They live and work in the local community. I shop at a locally owned (family owned) business. Try Karats Jewelers owned by Akshay Andy Anand, 135th and Antioch in Overland Park, KS and see if you aren't treated better and make a friend also.


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