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Gents Dress Watches - Show Watch Class

Updated on November 30, 2012

Your Style Shows with a Gents Dress Watch

In the gents watch sector, although styles and fashion change by their very nature, there still seems to be a general agreement on what gents dress watchesshould look like, but like all rules there are exceptions and people who want to stand out from the crowd like to break rules anyway!

So what is the general consensus about the style and features of a gents dress watches, firstly there are not going to be a lot of features, simply hands to tell the time is enough according to many, even a wristwatch having a date window is pushing the boundaries a bit for some!

Some would insist on a gents dress watch having a leather strap, but looking at the modern dress watch below with a meshed steel bracelet it is difficult to see why, personally I feel a leather strap would be sure to detract from this simple elegant design.

Classic Modern Gents Dress Watch by Skagen

Below however is a gents watch that really pushes all sorts of boundaries for a dress watch. This is a stylish chronograph watch with 3 sub dials in a mother of pearl face, it certainly has style and for some people it will satisfy their notion of a dress watch, whilst it will have others throwing their hands up in horror!

Invicta Men's II Collection Limited Edition Diamond Watch

A Time of Change in the Gents Watch Market

Although watches in general have been around a lot longer, gents wristwatches only became fashionable after the Second World War. The first wrist watches were the soldiers "trench watches", these were little more than pocket watches attached to a strap worn on the wrist and still with the winder at the 12 o'clock position, these were made so that the soldier didn't have to lose the use of one hand whilst removing the watch out of his pocket.

Prior to the war wristwatches were mainly the preserve of women, but when the fashion of gents watches started to go from the pocket watch to the wristwatch the change was rapid. From virtually nil just after the First World War the rise of gents wristwatches was so rapid that by the thirties the ratio of wristwatches watches to pocket watches was 50 to1.

Of course the choice of gents dress watches was nothing like the variety of makes, materials and styles of today. Having a dress watch would have been an out of reach luxury for many and perhaps that is reflected in the classic design of dress watch being slim, made of gold and with a leather strap, features that made it expensive.

Getting Closer to the Classic Gents Dress Watch

Looking at the watch below, again a modern design, we now have a simple watch face albeit with date window, but it does meet the requirement by some for a leather strap.

Citizen Gents Dress Watch

Personal Choice

Whatever your opinion on gents dress watches is, if you have one, you are right, after all it is your opinion, some may choose to argue, but they are no more right or wrong than you are. Now see more details of of these watches and much more have a look here at gents watches.

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