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Gents Fashion Watches Are Looking Good!

Updated on December 5, 2012

Phosphor E-ink Watch

Watch Fashion Trends

Gents watches in the form of wristwatches have been around for a little under a 100 years, for men before that it was pocket watches that were the fashion. The First World War saw the birth of the first significant number of wristwatches, these were little more than pocket watch mechanisms on a wrist strap so that the soldiers could keep their hands free and still see the time. Prior to this wristwatches were only generally worn by women.

Men’s wristwatch sales increased dramatically after the war and soon overtook the sales of pocket watches, such that by 1930 the wristwatch outnumbered the pocket watch by 50 to 1.

Now E-ink Watches Are Here - Have You Seen One Yet?

The latest fashion to appear are E-Ink wristwatches, using the latest display technology, as used in e-readers. They look like no other watch you've seen up to now!

Of course there were always fashions in gents watches for those that could afford it, but nothing like the range of watches designed now to meet fashion trends.

Apart from people who are watch collectors it is now quite common for men to own a range of watches to suit different occasions or lifestyles. Although fashion means that men have a range of jewelry items that may be worn, for many men the watch is still the largest and most obvious piece of jewelry through which they can say something about themselves.

Swatch has had a significant effect on our attitude to watches. Coming back from its worst crisis in the seventies for the Swiss manufacturers, the Swatch watch was launched. It was a plastic based watch, simple in design having only 51 components parts instead of the 90 plus components prior to this design, also it was relatively inexpensive.

Skagen Designer Styled Watch

LED and LCD Watches

Watches with LED displays arrived in 1972 following a prototype watch seen in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. These LED watches were very expensive and the display could only be seen by pressing a button because the battery was soon drained by the high power consumption. The “Pulsar LED” made by the Hamilton Watch Company in gold cost over $2000 when first sold, so it was not affordable to most people. By 1975 Texas Instruments sold a mass produced plastic cased watch for $20, reduced to $10 by 1976. This resulted in financial losses to the Pulsar brand and it was sold to Seiko.

Even after the huge price drop for LED watches their production was short lived, this was due to the introduction of more efficient LCD technology that allowed a permanent display.

Like all fashions wait long enough and they will come round again, sure enough in the last couple of years a few designer LED watches have appeared on the market.

It was not until after these "digital watches" the term to describe other watches with hands as analogue watches.

Swatch Unisex Wristwatch

The Swatch range of fashionable watches has gone on to become probably the most successful ever, it has also spawned collectors of these watches worldwide with early and rare models fetching a lot of money. Could you be the one to spot the watch that others overlook now, but will go on to be a sought after collectors item of the future?

As with anything successful, others wanted to copy the success of Swatch and the range of fashion watches now available is huge, although very few will go on to have the brand desirability of Swatch fashion watches.


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