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Genuine Crocodile Wallet

Updated on October 1, 2010

Genuine Crocodile Wallet

Special Wallets For Men

A genuine crocodile wallet can be the perfect gift to give a man for a Christmas, as a Birthday present, or for another special occasion. Men will often not buy themselves a new wallet even if their old one is falling apart at the seams and is being held together with a piece of duct tape. It is almost as they expect to receive one as a gift, which makes them a great item to give.

Wallets are made from many different materials, some of the more popular are leather, crocodile and alligator skins. Each of these hides can also be produced in a faux or fake material which is a lower cost option and also an animal friendly one as well. But if you are looking for quality nothing can really beat a genuine crocodile wallet from a designer such as
BALLY or Geodino. Just be prepared for the price tag as they can be commonly found for sale in the hundred if not low thousand dollar range.

The best place to shop for wallets made from genuine animal skins in my opinion is online. Most stores will only likely carry a couple of items and will be much more expensive than many online retailer brokers. I have found that is great place not only for price comparison but also many items have actual customer reviews describing the quality of their purchase. eBay is another low cost option but always be sure to purchase from a seller who has a good reputation when dealing with genuine merchandise.

Choosing a wallet for him, however is not always about the material it is made from. You will also need to choose one that is functional. This means, a wallet that has ample storage for money, credit cards, receipts, Identification cards and for some men a photo holder.

The billfold area of a quality wallet should contain at least a two compartments, one for money and another area for receipts. Some can be found with three compartments, but I would think this would add to much weight and unnecessary bulk.

Commonly when a wallet is opened it will have one side for photo identification and another for credit and debit card storage. A wallet that has enough credit card slots is very important, it would be best to choose one with too many than not enough.

I hope that you have found this article helpful no matter if you choose to go with a top of the line genuine crocodile wallet or not.


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