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Get Acne Free with AcneFree’s Clear Skin System

Updated on August 18, 2009

Acne and acne scars are a dirge upon this civilization. Girls and boys, men and women, all suffer alike from the embarrassing pangs of this skin infection. Yeah, that’s right: acne is nothing but a skin infection. When I first heard that I was surprised, because I thought that an infection had to be something that came from outside of oneself, but that is not the case with this medical stumper.

Luckily, there are literally thousands of doctors and scientists working day and night to come up with solutions. They may not have totally solved the problem at its root yet, but every year the medical profession is getting closer to freeing us from acne. One of the most successful treatments to date has been Acne Free and their Clear Skin System.

A 3 Step Solution to Acne

AcneFree developed the Clear Skin System in order to attack the enemy where it is most vulnerable: just beneath the skin’s surface. It works on a three step process to rid your face of this unseemly blemish.

First there is the purifying cleanser. Always the way to treat skin dysfunction is to first simply clean it. I’m not saying Acne Free uses a simple cleanser, only that you have to start with the fundamentals before you really start to pull acne out by its roots. This cleanser will set the stage for Step Two.

The Clear Skin System’s renewing toner brushes up the skin a bit. It actually dissolves some particles that could be stopping the acne from dying a natural death. Infection is like that: it grows on itself. (Maybe you have noticed.) This is why there need be 3 steps and not just one. The sad truth is that this is not as simple a solution as a lot of other dermatological brands would have you think.

Finally there’s a repair lotion. As you start to become acne free, the chemicals in this mixture will work to repair your damaged skin, so you aren’t left with scars (even if they be faint). Is a scarred face better than a face full of acne? Well, yes. But AcneFree can do better than that.

The Origin of Acne

Although science hasn’t totally pinned acne and its cause down yet, it has pinpointed the basic offender. This is the much-maligned sebum. When men or women’s hormones start acting up, their sebaceous glands are triggered. This further causes the creation of an overload of this oily chemical called sebum.

Too much sebum is basically what’s always present wherever there is acne. The two go hand in hand. Some people also point to stress as being a causative factor in the development of acne. Whatever is the truth, Acne Free has a good track record of helping people out, while in the meantime they can try to alter their lifestyle so that the same flare-up does not occur again.


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