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Get Better Protection & Coverage with Self Adhesive Nipple Covers from Uplifting Therapies

Updated on January 10, 2014

Are you someone that feels self-conscious because every time you step outside when it’s cold your nipples protrude?

Do you suffer from chafing and bleeding nipples when you go for a run? Do you wish you could wear that sheer, gorgeous evening dress but are worried because your nipples will stand out?

You’re not alone, many people seek ways to protect and conceal their nipples.

Nipple chafing and bleeding is a common problem for men when it comes to exercise. Persistent friction between the nipples and the shirt fabric while playing sport or running can cause the skin around the nipples to break and bleed.

Given that this is a highly sensitive part of the body, nipple chafing is not only uncomfortable and painful but it can also take a long time to properly heal.

For women, nipple chafing is less of a concern as sports bras can sometimes provide the necessary protection. However, women have other concerns.

Sudden temperature changes and the sensitivity of the nipples can cause them to protrude and result in embarrassing stares from men.

Certain clothing will highlight erect nipples, making it difficult to wear certain fabrics and designs.

This is where self adhesive nipple covers can offer a great solution for both men and women. These basic, yet effective designs will give protection and coverage when needed the most.

While there are numerous different brands and designs to choose from, some are better than others.

Adhesive Nipplecovers from Uplifting Therapies are one of the preferred brands due to their superior quality.

Uplifting Therapies has a great reputation for committing to first-class healthcare products that always meet customer expectations.

Their self adhesive nipple covers have many advantages over other brands.


Uplifting Therapies’ self adhesive nipple covers are waterproof, an important feature not always available in other brands. These pasties are great for wearing under swimwear or during sweaty exercise workouts. They will stay firmly in place until you’re ready to remove them.


For those people that have sensitive skin, Uplifting Therapies’ self adhesive nipple covers are an obvious choice. Other brands can cause skin irritations and rashes due to a high chemical content. Adhesive Nipplecovers have been carefully designed and manufactured to be non-allergenic and toxin free. They won’t cause itchiness, inflammation or other problems.

Quality Adhesive

Other disposable self adhesive nipple covers aren’t as durable as Uplifting Therapies’ designs. These nipple covers stay where you want them too at all times. You don’t need to be worried that they will fall off during a marathon or while out clubbing.

Anyone that is searching for good quality, affordable pasties will be impressed with Uplifting Therapies’ Adhesive Nipplecovers.

They’re an excellent option for both men and women, providing protection and coverage when required.

Currently these self adhesive nipple covers are available in both circular and petal shaped designs and sold in packs of five or ten pairs.

For more information about Uplifting Therapies’ Adhesive Nipplecovers, please visit


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