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Get Healthy, Juicy and Kissable Lips

Updated on September 1, 2018

Moist and Kissable Lips !

Lips : An Important Part of Your Body

Lips are definitely one of the most important body parts, whether you are women or men. Yes, Women take care of lips more but nowadays men are aware to take care of their lips too. Lips are the most visible feature for women. If you take care of your lips, it can be the most beautiful part of your body. Nicely curved, plum and moist lips are a strong sign of the woman hormone in the body. It is a strong sign to show off even in public. It is important to take care of lips not just from outside, but from inside as well.

Luscious, kissable lips come handy when you want to attract someone you like being with. This implies to girls and women more. Lips are the most visible body part you have and you can show it features however you want. In cold and dry season your lips get dry, unhealthy and chapped. It will be a deteriorating point in your personality. It may be a big turn off for others. Lips have a very thin skin layer over it, so it is very important to take good care of your lips.

Here we are going over how we can keep our lip plum or heavy, but how to keep them moist. So here are some easy tips to keep your lips luscious and turn into super kissable lips!

Moist Kissable Lips

Moisturization for Kissable Lips

Lips need to get moist to keep it safe and healthy. Lips are the part where we have very few oil-secreting glands. That means lips cannot get its moist itself like other body parts do. So any changes in temperature cause have first effect on the lips. You can moist your lips with lip balm. Most lip balm has petroleum jelly as a main ingredient. There are many lip balms available over the counter. You can also use some good quality lip gloss over your lipstick. Lip gloss can be used with or without lipstick. It helps keeping moisture inside.

Do not use any cheap, unbranded lip balms, that may be harmful to your lips in the long run. Lips skin is very sensitive. It may cause serious damage if you use any cheap product on it. Avoid flavored lip balms. Flavored lip balms may contain some chemical ingredients that are not suitable for your body or may be harmful if you use for longer time. Coat your lips with some good nonflavored petroleum jelly lip balm and your lips will be all safe in winter and cold weather.

Drink Water For Healthy Lips

Good Diet And Plenty of Water for Kissable Lips

For safe lips healthy diet is very important. Eat lots of fruits and drink enough water to maintain moisture levels in your kissable lips. Avoid more fatty foods if you have blister problems on your lips. Oranges, Apples, Watermelons, and Grapes are some of the best fruits that have more water level and help your moist lips from inside of the body.

Good fruit diet with lots of fibers will keep your digestion system in a natural way. The bad digestion problem often soaks most of the water from your digestion system and that leads to drying your skin and lips. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. It will give you a good digestion system and as a result a healthy shining skin and moist lips.

Save Your Lips From Smoking

Smoking is very bad for your kissable lips. Tobacco products have higher nicotine and it causes your lips to darken. If you are smoking then try to lower your smoke amount. If you do smoke, the best thing is to wash your mouth and lips after smoking and then apply lip balm as soon as possible. The best thing you can do is to quit smoking. It will immensely reduce darkness in your lips from the very next day. Try using some fruits with sourness, so you don't feel smoking again. There are many nicotine patches available too. That helps you to keep your lips away from the smoke.

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Do Not Lick Your Lips Ever

What we do when we get dry lips? Our natural tendency to lick out lips and make it moisturizing. Licking may have some erotic invitation on another gender, especially for men but it is definitely not a good idea to lick your chapped lips. This gives a short-term solution, but it is actually worse. It will darken your lips and will make it even drier. When your lips get drier after licking it will create a more worse drying then earlier. It will make your lips get crack faster.

Do not Lick your lips to moisturize it. Even if you are somewhere out, you do not want to lick it just for short-term relief. Always keep a good quality lip balm in your purse. When you do not have lip balm with you and feel your lips got dry, drink some water and try to moisturize your lips with water.


In short, if you want your lips to look nice and moist then drink plenty of water, eat more fruits, use some good quality lip balms and avoid smoking or at least lower smoking amount. In a nutshell, for keeping your kissable lips, you need to give plenty of moisture and nutrients. Just take care of these small things and your lips will become ever kissable lips.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      it is very interesting to read

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      7 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Get Kissable Lips very interesting and second time round today I have read about beautiful lips certainly something to talk about and a well shared topic indeed.


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