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Get More Followers on Depop

Updated on January 3, 2016

'The Instagram of selling stuff online'

Depop has been described as a mix between eBay and Instagram. It involves posting photos and descriptions of all the stuff you're selling, just like eBay, however there are no auctions. Depp does involve a following/followers element which makes buying and selling on the app a very social affair. You get to discover new brands and individuals selling some amazing vintage, pre-loved and handmade goods.

How to Get More Followers Quickly

The basic mathematics of Depop is very, very simple:

More followers = More sales = More money for you!

So if you want to increase your sales, the best way to do this is to increase your followers. The internet marketers reading this will be familiar with 'follow limits' and all that jargon associated with Instagram and Twitter. You'll be happy to hear that Depop doesn't have such limits, so you can literally sit down on a lazy Sunday afternoon and click away on that 'Follow' button to your heart's content. The only problem is, your fingers and thumbs will be aching after an hour or so...

Luckily, there's been an app developed that will automatically follow people while you sleep! You literally download the software, log in to Depop via the software, set your follow settings and let it run. There's even a handy little window that shows what the program is doing in real time, so you get to see the username of every Depop user that the program is following for you.

I've used this software, and the follow back rate is pretty impressive, more than 10% of people you follow will follow you back. I've opened multiple Depop accounts, set up some products that I can dropship using Ink Threadable, and then let the program auto follow people, and waited for the sales to roll in. It's a real passive income that actually works!


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      Ben 22 months ago

      whats the follow app called?