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Peel Away Acne Scars and Stubborn Blackheads

Updated on May 12, 2016

Chemical Peel

Some people just have no luck when it comes to a sparkling complexion. You see the people who seem to hardly do anything to their skin and yet look like they spend a fortune in beauty products and spa treatments. Your luck was never so good and you can spend and spend on products that claim to be miracle treatments and yet your face is still marred with stubborn blackheads that nothing will make go away.

It is time to do something about persistent blackheads and treat your skin to a level of newness that it hasn’t had since the day you were born. The chemical peel is one of the most popular cosmetic breakthroughs available today. It not only can remove those stubborn blackheads, but it can completely refresh sun damaged skin and even take years off your appearance. If nothing seems to be making your face look any better, the chemical peel might be exactly what you are looking for.

A chemical peel can sound like an aggressive and invasive procedure that requires a doctor in a mask and scary metallic instruments, but the truth is that it can very in degree. A chemical peel can be a very simple procedure performed at home by the person needing it, or it can be something more aggressive that reaches to deeper levels of your skin. Depending on how much damage you feel that you have, you might consider a less aggressive first step toward a fresher and revitalized appearance.

Types of Chemical Peels

As with anything else, chemical peels come in an array of types and contain an assorted and sometimes seemingly complicated list of ingredients. Read this article to understand the different types of products and what you can expect from such ingredients as:

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Lactic Acid

Learn the difference between microdermabrasion and the chemical peel and what you can expect from these two different treatments for blackheads and other facial blemishes.

Get rid of acne scars and blackheads using chemical peels.
Get rid of acne scars and blackheads using chemical peels.

What Does a Chemical Peel Do?

Your face is made up of several layers of skin that provide a protective barrier against the external environment. The outer layer of your skin is called the epidermis and the epidermis is composed of epidermal cells. It is here that a chemical peel is designed to effectively remove any cells that are damaged in any way.

There are two ways in which the skin’s cells are held together. One is by small fibers that stretch between each cell and help to hold each cell to another cell to create a sort of map of attached cellular patterns. Outside these attachments and cells is an extracellular substance and acts as the other part of the cell’s glue and helps to hold it all together.

As time passes, it is necessary that these cells be shed and replaced with new cells. This process is unseen to us even though it is happening every day. The body’s means of ridding dead cells is a sort of invisible process of exfoliation that does not require any help from us and does not require any product. In fact, the “exfoliating” products we use simply remove what the body has already shed so that our exteriors are clean of these dead cells.

The chemical peel, o matter how aggressive it is, is designed to help speed the natural process of exfoliation. The chemical peel can bring back a youthful glow by advancing the natural exfoliation of not only already dead cells, but also dead and dying cells alike. A chemical will never be so deep as to invade just born cells, but can be as deep as to remove advanced age cells. This is how a chemical peel results in a more youthful appearance and will definitely bring about the removal of stubborn blackheads and can even reduce pore size.

A chemical peel for acne and stubborn blackheads might be the answer to your problems.
A chemical peel for acne and stubborn blackheads might be the answer to your problems.

Microdermabrasion or the Chemical Peel

Many have heard about the miracle procedure termed microdermabrasion, but really do not understand it. Microdermabrasion is a procedure with a higher price tag but also is an effective method to reach a healthy glow.

Microdermabrasion is a very effective treatment and has very good results, but most people who do not have massive facial scarring or a great need for a very expensive product (or simply lack the money to do it) can have results as good as or even better than microdermabrasion with a chemical peel procedure.

Microdermabrasion works to actually tear the filaments that connect epidermal cells. This effect is brought about by a physical exfoliation that requires a rubbing action to affect the area being treated. Chemical peels do the same thing, only they do it by dissolving the glues that hold epidermal cells together. In effect, the two techniques have the exact same result and both lead to a healthier appearance to your face and combined together will have even better results than using one or the other alone.

Stubborn black removal is easy with chemical peel.
Stubborn black removal is easy with chemical peel. | Source

Physical Chemistry by DermaDoctor

One of the better products on the market that combines microdermabrasion and chemical peel is a product by DermaDoctor called Physical Chemistry. As stated before, these products come with a higher price tag because they actually work and are made of quality ingredients that aren’t a joke.

The great thing about Physical Chemistry is that anyone in need of these products can use them at home and without any bad side effects. Again, don’t be fooled into thinking these products will rid you of bad acne scars or turn an aged 70 woman into an aged 40 woman. That would be a lie and I will not lie to you ever. What this product will do is reach down to a younger set of cells and make your face suddenly clean of blackheads and light wrinkles and you will feel as if you rewinded back a few years by seeing a fresher and more glowing you.

Try this product and you won’t be disappointed. That is if you don’t have serious problems going on that only a dermatologist can remedy.

Get rid of blackheads fast with chemical peels.
Get rid of blackheads fast with chemical peels.

Salicylic Peel

Salicylic Acid for Blackheads

Many don’t understand the different acids used in chemical peels. Salicylic acid is one of the ingredients used and is recommended by dermatologists as the ingredient to use when trying to deal with stubborn blackheads, whiteheads and oil skin surfaces.

If you have other skin problems, combination treatments are available at your doctor, spa or even products you can use right in your own home.

I’d recommend starting with a product that contains more salicylic acid and also contains lactic acid or comes with another product containing lactic acid. The two seem to work well to deal with what ails most complexions and can brighten your looks so much that you will be astonished at how clear and healthy you appear just after the first treatment.

Chemical Peels

Are you willing to use a chemical peel at home?

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Recommended Gel Peels

One of the most recommended and highly rated salicylic and lactic products come in gel form. The products show astounding results and anyone who has used them comes back to say great things about Perfect Image chemical peels.

If your face is in need of reducing oils and removing stubborn blackheads, or even if your pores are enlarged and you are seeking some remedy for the blemishes caused by any number of problems associated with acne and oily skin, Perfect Image products are exactly the sort of products you have been in need of.

These products work. That is the bottom line. You won’t find anyone who says any different and the use of these products is so easy that you can use them right in your own home.

Stop being desperate for something that will get rid of your problematic skin. Grab these gel peels and put them to use andI’m positive your face will thank you.

Get beautiful skin with a chemical peel.
Get beautiful skin with a chemical peel. | Source

Unrealistic Hopes for a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels come with a lot of bologna that makers of and even some doctors push on patients. The truth about chemical peels is very simple. You cannot remove your entire skin and you can only hope to safely reach down so far in order to grab the4 negative and reveal the positive. There are some very unrealistic goals that some might have and for honesty’s sake, I am going to share these with you.

Surface blood vessels – Chemical peels cannot remove the appearance of blood vessels. Although those blue veins might look close to the surface, they simply are not and if you removed those vessels, you’d be hurting pretty bad.

Pore size – Come on now, you didn’t really think anything was going to make those pores smaller did you? You can’t change how big your pores are no matter what a product claims. What you can do is remove the blackheads from a pore and reduce the visibility of each individual pore.

Deep scars – Again, you are removing surface imperfections. Some scars just are far too deep to truly remove. Don’t expect to get a chemical peel and suddenly your deep scarring is turned into baby perfect flesh.

As long as you know what won’t happen as a result of a peel, you can begin to have realistic expectations and the results might actually be far better than anything you had imagined.

Realistic Hopes for a Chemical Peel

Now that you know what you will not happen as a result of a chemical peel, you can plan to have happen some very wonderful things. A chemical peel is something of a miracle for people who wish to rid their face of a past that once upon a time was impossible to ride one’s self of.

Sun damage – It is absolutely realistic to expect sun damaged skin to disappear and be replaced with skin that nobody will ever know spent years beneath a hot summer sun and then became an obvious regret to you.

Mild scarring – Yes, it is true. Acne scars will dissipate and you can pretend that your teens were blissful due to your perfect complexion. Although chemical peels may not rid a face of deeper more serious cystic acne scarring totally, it will definitely reduce surface scars to a point that had once been impossible.

Wrinkles – Can you believe it? Chemical peels can greatly reduce or even eradicate wrinkles. Never before in the history of mankind has age been so easy to remove from one’s face. Whether you are going for a more aggressive in office chemical peel, or doing a less aggressive one in your own home, wrinkles are easy to manage with a chemical peels and good chemical peel product.

Blackheads and oily skin –Now, a person no longer has to worry about acne as acne breaks out. You can actually remove the cells affected by them and reach deeper into the skin to pull it off and get instantly clear and less oily skin.

Really, the secret here is simple. As long as you have realistic goals, a chemical peel can achieve them. You might image that your scars are only on the surface, and that is usually true of acne scars, but something like a car wreck scar would not be a realistic goal of a chemical peel.

Keep it real and you can achieve it with a chemical peel.

Chemical Peels and Blackheads Conclusion

Things do not have to be made harder than they are. A chemical peel is very easy to comprehend for anyone familiar with basic physics. Realistically, you can’t safely reach down and remove your entire skin. Well, you can but I doubt you’d live to tell about it. The point is, a chemical peel is a good product that can help people achieve a healthier look. It will remove surface problems and give you a glow you haven’t had for a long time, but it will not perform a miracle on serious or deeper issues.

If you haven’t considered the chemical peel then you should start. By reading this article you have taken a giant leap forward in solving the things you feel are wrong with your complexion. A mix between microdermabrasion and a chemical peels will probably be more beneficial to what you want to happen and so, look up products or link to them from this article.

However you decide to handle your skin’s problem, you should begin doing it today. Doesn’t your face deserve it?


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