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Get Rid of that Lipstick Honey

Updated on September 26, 2013

Now that you've read this, how likely are you to pay more attention to your make up products?

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Your not going to wear that, are you?

Would you take expired medication? Probably not. Do you check the best use or prime date on your make up? Probably not but, you should. The chemicals used in makeup products change with age and may have bacteria that could cause damage to your skin such as infections or acne. Here's some things to know about your makeup, in case you didn't know...

Lipstick can last up to 2 years. Lipstick is one of the more stable cosmetic products because of its oil base. Bacteria has a harder time producing in oil. However, after a couple years, natural oils like that of avacado, sunflower or safflower can become malodorous. There won't be any health effects but it will probably taste bad and won't be smooth. If your a woman who holds on to lipstick for a while try brands that don't use natural oils like HoneyBee Gardens or YSL Rouge Volupté.

Foundation should be good for at least six months to one year. You might notice streakiness or changes in the color and texture of your foundation after about six months. As the liquid is breaking down and the pigment extracts from the rest of the product, a process called demulsification. Foundation kept more than two years might have built up germs as the preservatives used become less effective. Solid foundations such as pressed powders won't demulsify.

One more. That sunscreen you should be using is also good six months to a year. With time sunscreen loses SPF control and destabilizes. In addition, the active components could become unevenly distributed inside the container. When you use expired sunscreen you obviously don't get the full and best coverage. Next time your headed out for a day in the sun grab some spray sunscreen. Spray bottles don't take in as much air so the SPF can last longer, giving you full coverage when using.

Ladies, now that you know some secrets about your most used products you can shop better, smarter. Its okay to take a few extra minutes to read the labels on your favorite makeup products. Don't want to buy anything already expired either. Old makeup could be the cause of some your facial skin problems. If your wondering why that sunscreen doesn't seem like it's working, check the date. Springtime is here, summer isn't far behind. Make sure you've got all the 'just right' little things to go with two piece you can't wait to show off in just a few months!


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