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Get The Best Budget Makeup at Home

Updated on May 16, 2017

Financial crises are unpredictable; one can go through this phase at any stage of life. Makeup lovers can save their bucks by knowing the multiple uses of limited cosmetics. Eyeshadow on cheeks, lipstick on the eyes/cheeks are some fantastic multiple uses that are handy and applicable. Women are honoured with ‘the best home managers’ title, so why not become a specialist in managing makeup budget also; learn multiple purposes of a single makeup product with Renowned Aesthetician & Cosmetologist and Founder- Director of Bharati Taneja’s ALPs, Mrs. Bharti Taneja.

Glowing cheeks with Eyeshadow: Creamy eyeshadow can be used as a blusher. But make sure to use it in shades of pinks, peaches or light brown to keep it all-natural.

Multiple Uses of Kajal: The astonishing multiple uses of Kajal can make you smile. Kajal can dominate your other makeup products once you go through the multiple uses of it. Use it as eyeliner by sketching a line on the upper lids of the eyes. You can also utilize the Kajal pencil to design an impressive and creative Bindi on your forehead that can let you experience a beautiful an artistic look. Even to enhance the beauty by creating a beauty spot is quiet simple.

Utilize Colored Pencil for several purposes: From eyeliner to coloring lips is very convenient with colored pencils. Color pencils make a track for you to turn fantasy into reality by using color pencils as eye liner, eyeshadow, and tattoo-pencil. If your pencil color is pink then it can be used as lip color and blush. Wherein, the blending is the key if one is using it as eyeshadow and blusher.

Lipstick on Eyes and Cheeks: Lipstick can be used as cream blush. But make sure that it is in shades of peaches, pinks or light to get instant natural look. Lipstick can be used as a creamy eye-shadow but be careful, take a little amount of it otherwise it can cease your eyes. To keep your eyeshadow last longer, apply lipstick as a base as well.

Eyeshadow as Highlighter: A silver, gold or silverish gold eyeshadow hue works really well as a highlighter to add a special shine on your face. Utilize this eyeshadow product sparingly as the eyeshadows are slightly more pigmented than normal highlighters.

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