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Get Your Kicks With Kickz (K1X) B-ball Shoes

Updated on March 20, 2011

K1X (Kickz) Live The B-Ball Lifestyle

 K1X (Kickz) has been firmly grounded at the very heart of the specific basketball lifestyle starting way back in 1993. The K1X brand (pronounced "kay-one-ex" but actually means Kicks or Kickz) organically evolved from the market leading German basketball sneaker and gear specialist Kickz which later evolved into the trend-setting online web based retailer at URL:

At K1X (Kickz) virtually each and every executive position, from CEO to Facility Manager, is filled by active basketball enthusiasts and players, creating a corporate identity and tradition which concentrates on its niche expertise and profound credibility to basketballers around the world.

K1X (Kickz) Chiefglider in black and gold
K1X (Kickz) Chiefglider in black and gold

K1X (Kickz) Feature Premium Functionality & Ergonomics

 Premium-level ergonomics, comfort and functionality as well as fresh and hip urban styles define each and every "ballers 4 ballers" K1X (Kickz) product. K1X (Kickz) was the very first basketball lifestyle brand to coherently and simultaneously market a variety of on-court and off-court styles with equal emphasis. The entire product range is constituted of a wide spectrum of performance basketball and urban street kicks, hiking boots, jerseys, jackets, shorts, crewnecks, hoodies, jeans, bags, socks, caps, tees, suits, knits, beanies, balls, and the full range of all the other accessories for the basketball lifestyle.

In 2005, K1X (Kickz) launched the now famous models "Strictly Business" and "Evo", which were designed from the outset to be absolutely purebred extreme on-court performing shoes. The variety of off-court shoes like the  "Look Ma, No Shoelaces", "Meet the Parents", "Lazy Layup", "Club Selecao", and the "H1ke" boot continues to proliferate as K1X (Kickz) continues to take over the hard core b-ball marketplace.

K1X (Kickz) come in very attractive colors
K1X (Kickz) come in very attractive colors

K1X (Kickz) Are World Class Shoes

K1X (Kickz) shoes have reached the higher echelon of world famous shoes right alongside LAMB shoes, MIA shoes, Pony shoes, Report shoes, clogs shoes, Dexter shoes, and Air Force One shoes. Air Force Ones have an especially strong market presence in the international shoe galaxy as befits their manufacturer, the global brand Nike. This type of footwear quality is certainly not available at the wholesale flip flops price level!

K1X (Kickz) shoes are extremely sought after footwear as there are a whole category of very rare Kickz (K1X) such as the Jordans Kickz (K1X) (Jordan Kickz), retro Kickz (K1X), custom Kickz (K1X), and other types of exclusive Kickz (K1X) which are extraordinarily nice Kickz (K1X) and can most definitely never be considered any form of cheap Kickz (K1X).

K1X (Kickz) are even available in a mid top patterned look
K1X (Kickz) are even available in a mid top patterned look

K1X (Kickz): Edge & Vision

 Since its inception, Kickz has always sold and continues to market a large variety of internationally renowned brand name basketball shoes and gear from major brands such as: Adidas, Akademiks, Asics, Baby Phat, Basket, Bling Bling, Champion, Complex, Converse, Crocs, De Fonseca, Dickies, Dime, Djinns, Domepiece, Drunkn Munky, Ecko, Etnies, Five, Fubu, Ghetto Tee, G-Unit, Jordan, Jumpsoles, K-Swiss, McDavid, Mecca, Miskeen, New Balance, New Era, Nike, Phat Farm, Porter, Powerhouse, Puma, Reebok, Roca Wear, Rucker, Southpole, Spalding, Streetlife, The Originators, Vans, and Zoo York. However, for Kickz developing their very own brand was an inevitable step for a market leading corporation with an unique edge and profound vision.

K1X (Kickz)'s Team Flight Brothers

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