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Best way to get rid of dark spots on face

Updated on September 5, 2015

how to get rid of black spots on face

Natural way to get rid of dark spots

With the natural route it will be much safer and gentler to the skin yet it will take a longer time to see significant results.

Things You'll Need

1. Lemon




4.A plain facial moisturizer for example Cetaphil

  • Lemon - With lemons antibacterial and antifungal properties it is a great way to naturally get rid of acne. The reason lemon can remove dark imperfections is due to the citric acid found in the lemon. Citric acid naturally lightens dark spots and scars over a period of time. Also using lemon it can help people who have oily skin.

  • Honey-When you use honey make sure the honey is 100% raw honey, this will guarantee the potency leading in better lightening results. Honey will give your skin a glowing complexion also it is very soothing and moisturizing.Not to mention it is antibacterial which prevents acne and could be used an acne treatment.

  • Sugar-In this mask the sugar will simply act as an gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and refreshed.

  • Potato-Potatoes have a natural lightening / brightening ingredient called catecholase ,an enzyme which will lift color from dark imperfections.

  • Cetaphil/Moisturizer of your choice (amount =enough for your face)

You will mix these all in a bowl and apply to your face and wait 30 or more minutes that your skin will allow depending on your skin sensitivity. Once rinsed off with lukewarm water apply a moisturizer. If you would like spot treatment simply apply a dab to the spot(s) and leave on 30 or more minutes then rinse.

A warning !

These chemicals should be used after good research or an consultation with your dermatologist. These could leave scars and you may even be allergic to them. Do NOT shave 2 days prior to doing a chemical peel on your skin . You will also not want to pull or pick off the peeling skin.Be sure to not put a chemical peel in sensitive areas of your body.Being in direct sunlight after a peel whether it has been a couple of days can cause further discoloration and burn your skin.

How to get rid of dark spots with chemicals

With the chemical route you may want to consult with a dermatologist for your own benefit, If you do choose to do this at home here's how.

Types of Chemical Treatments

  • TCA peel-First of this is of the stronger peels ,this should be used carefully.This acid peel will help with discoloration , while rejuvenating your skin. With a TCA peel , this will cause your skin to physically peel in sheets or flake , resulting in a week of downtime but worth the wait! The percentages range from 8% to 30% , research what best fits your personal needs.

  • Glycolic Acid-This peel ranges from 30% to 90% including different pH levels also known as levels of acidity. The pH in the range of peels will determine how deep it will penetrate your skin.

  • Salicylic Acid- If you have oily skin this will work better for you. Being this is a hydroxy acid it can penetrate deeper into the oil glands resulting in exfoliation.

  • Lactic Acid- This peel is actually found in the human body and also in milk! This is definitely a more gentler acid peel for the skin , ideal for sensitive skin. This gives brightening to the skin while treating things like pigmentation, dry skin , sensitive skin , and rosacea.

  • SUNBLOCK - This will stop further discoloration and darkness.


Chemical Peel Bottles


Do not use a chemical peel if !

If you are pregnant or nursing a child

If you are currently taking accutane or have taken in within the past 12 months

Undergoing chemo or radiation

If you have HIV / Aids or herpes

Be cautious and beware of skin allergies ,broken skin ,inflamed skin , or open wounds. Reasons to make an appointment for a skin consultation is to learn about your skin allergies if you have any. Broken skin can be a scratch or even a paper cut be aware applying a chemical to that can be very painful. Inflamed skin should not be further more irritated. Overall be very precautious , research which chemical is right for your skin and what you are removing , and plan an consultation if you are not doing this at home.

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