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Get the Vintage Look with a 1920s Style Wedding Dress

Updated on September 11, 2015

An ever-increasing amount of people are opting to go for vintage styles when it comes to their wedding dress. The 1920s was an iconic and glamorous era for fashion, with flapper style and the jazz age running riot. While an original vintage wedding dress would be stunning, it may be expensive and impractical, so a recreation piece is probably more sensible. Since there was variation in the popular clothing of the decade, feel free to pick and choose the aspects you find most appealing.


Near the beginning of the 1920s, modesty was still the order of the day and hemlines tended to be longer, often sitting somewhere between the floor and the mid-calf. Around the middle of the decade, hems began to rise and would often sit above the knee. While many people find floor-length wedding dresses to be more traditional, shorter lengths can be equally flattering if you want to go for something a bit different. Wavering hemlines and handkerchief hemlines were also common in the '20s.



During the roaring '20s, dropped waistlines – where the waistline is intentionally lowered to sit on the hips – were the height of fashion. Dropped waists give a straighter an more svelte look to the upper body, hiding the body's natural curves. While this might sound unflattering, it will give a glamorous and unusual look to any wedding dress and looks particularly stylish on those with a slender figure. This type of waistline makes more sense in the context of the time; up until the 1920s, women were encouraged to wear restrictive corsets. The dropped waist was a rebellion against this, letting women choose more comfortable undergarments.



Amongst the most popular dress materials in the '20s were satin, silk, lace and chiffon. Silk is a beautiful material for a luxury wedding dress, but satin give a similar effect for a lower price. Dresses of the era were commonly constructed from multiple materials, so you could opt for a satin or silk dress with lace or chiffon embellishments. Lace on '20s dresses was often used to make panels with nothing else underneath, which gives a subtle hint to the skin below without giving too much away. Beads were another common trimming for dresses of the decade, with wedding dresses often sporting intricate bead work.

Accessories and Style

If you want a truly authentic 1920s wedding outfit, you'll also need to get the right accessories and general style. Cloche hats and headbands decorated with beads or feathers were often worn during this era. For weddings, this kind of headgear was commonly teamed with a veil. During this decade, a bride's hair would have been set into finger waves. Short hair was common, but longer styles were not unheard of. Dramatic makeup was in vogue, with bright red lipstick and heavy black kohl eyeliner the order of the day.


Check out the wedding shoot below if you want some more ideas about 1920s style wedding dresses or '20s themed weddings.

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