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Getting Ready and Getting Through a Bikini Wax

Updated on December 28, 2012
Bikini wax products to use after the waxing
Bikini wax products to use after the waxing | Source

What is a bikini wax?

Simply put, a bikini wax is when you use hot wax to remove unwanted hair from around the bikini line. During a bikini wax, a technician applies wax to the unwanted hair in the pubic area and then removes the wax. Different types of wax can be used, and the amount of hair removed can vary. For those who want full hair removal, a “Brazilian” wax is the choice, but even with a Brazilian wax, some women prefer to leave at least a strip of hair.

Generally, hot wax is used, and the technician applies a lotion or oil first, followed by the hot wax. The wax has a strip applied to the top of it, and once the wax is dried, the strip is peeled, removing both the wax and the hair. If any stubborn hair remains, the technician may use a tweezer to remove the hair.

How to prepare for a bikini wax

Don’t be nervous or tense! Bikini waxes may hurt, but the level of hurt varies by the person. Some women find it extremely painful, others may think it hurts as much as removing a band-aid, and still others may find it nearly painless. It depends on the woman’s tolerance for pain as well as the skill of the technician.

If you’re worried about the pain, you can choose to take an over-the-counter pain reliever, but remember that you may bleed when the hair is pulled, so don’t take anything that may thin your blood. In addition, talk to your doctor if you are taking any medications that might thin your blood.

What To Expect During a Wax

Getting waxed

Realize that you will need to be at least partially naked for the wax. You will need to remove at least your pants and possibly your underwear, depending on how much hair you are going to have removed. Think of it like a visit to the gym shower room, but with a little less modesty. It’s like visiting a doctor’s office, only you don’t get a drape to cover yourself with.

You’ll normally be asked to lie on the table and the technician will position you so that she is able to reach all areas that you want to have waxed.

Breathe normally! Don’t hold your breath, and don’t tense. If you really feel the need to tense, bring a stress toy or two to hold in your hands, and you can squeeze them when they remove the strip of wax.

Who Gets Waxed?

Would you ever get a bikini wax?

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How to find a waxer

There are national chains and local spas. Call and talk to them. Some places will offer a free “test” wax so that you can decide if you like waxing or not. Be sure to make an appointment. There are often not many people on staff who do waxing, so just showing up may mean that there is no one to help you or you may wind up waiting for quite a while for the waxing technician to be available.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the location or the technician. If you are uncomfortable with anything you hear, keep looking!

How to care for a bikini wax

Bikini waxes are, as their base level, hair removal. Because of this, you may discover that you are sensitive to the products used and may have some redness or soreness either from the process itself or the products being used. In addition, there is always the risk of ingrown hair or infection. To minimize these risks, talk to the technician about the products they use to make sure you will not have any allergy issues. After you are waxed, avoid taking extremely hot showers or baths and swimming for at least 24 hours. In addition, most salons and spas that offer waxing services also offer products for use after the wax. Two common items are exfoliants, which can help reduce the amount of hair that grows back as well as makes it easier the next time, and lotions, which can help keep you moisturized.

If you decide that you like the bikini wax, you’ll want to have an appointment approximately every three to five weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows back and how often you feel the need to be waxed. Do not shave in between waxings; if the hair is too short, it will be more difficult to wax.

Getting "Vajazzled"


No, it’s not a joke. Back in 2010, Jennifer Love Hewitt discussed vajazzling on a nighttime talk show, and since then, some women have decided that it’s the thing to do.

Vajazzling is when small jewels are applied to the pubic area in place of hair. This is generally not done at the same time as a wax due to the fact that the skin may be red and irritated immediately after a wax. Not all places that offer waxing offer vajazzling, so if you’re interested in that, you may need to look around a little harder.


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