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Getting Rid of Those Stretch Marks

Updated on July 6, 2017

If you have stretch marks you want to get rid of your stretch marks as soon as possible

These unattractive blemishes get a silvery look after they are old. Some kinds are difficult to cover and are treated to reduce the silvery look they start to take on after they become old.
These unattractive blemishes get a silvery look after they are old. Some kinds are difficult to cover and are treated to reduce the silvery look they start to take on after they become old. | Source
Depending on your skin tone stretch marks have different colors. There are a variety of reasons people get them. Not all are related to pregnancy.
Depending on your skin tone stretch marks have different colors. There are a variety of reasons people get them. Not all are related to pregnancy. | Source
Some are seen after rapid weight gain or loss and will appear anywhere on the body.
Some are seen after rapid weight gain or loss and will appear anywhere on the body. | Source
Moisturize and hydration is the best way to prevent stretch marks. Some are removable after you get them. Though, there really is not a way to remove them quickly.
Moisturize and hydration is the best way to prevent stretch marks. Some are removable after you get them. Though, there really is not a way to remove them quickly. | Source

Prevention is the best treatment to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks are not distinctive to any one type or kind of individual. The set of circumstances or reasons any one person does or does not get them is varied. There is most certainly no guaranteed event or incident tied to problem. Regardless of the victim, they are unsightly and most people would much rather see them gone.

There is no one cure all or pill to take to eliminate the defacement. Individuals do have some control over the set of circumstances which result in them. Additionally, knowing the cause is a tool in the strategy to combat the culprit. Find out some useful info which helps get rid of stretch marks.


Why someone gets stretch marks

Stretch marks are caused on the skin by rapid weight gain or weight loss. The dermis is strained and overextended at a rapid rate. The stress applied with changes in weight is the culprit. There is a problem because skin does not have the elasticity to keep up with the changes.

In the area drawn out and pressured the most is where the problem occurs. Since every person has a variation in elasticity, the speed of gain or loss and ability to extend or shrink at different rates, every circumstance is uniquely different. No two are the same even on the same body.

Situations most likely to cause stretch marks


This is when skin is described as “glowing” or “radiant”. This is not always true. There are times when the glow is diminished because of the appearance of the damage done by stretch marks. The rationales and arguments for why this occurs are varied. Regardless of the why the prospect of what to do about the situation is the discussion at hand.

Lots of people tend to see them for the first time during pregnancy. Most people advise plan on getting stretch marks as a condition of pregnancy just the same as morning sickness. A majority of women do get them, but a small percentage of people never do.

Mommies having first baby happens to be the less likely candidate for the blemishes. Skin is typically young and tight with more elasticity. As we age there is less elasticity which is blamed for the increase in occurrences for older mommies and with each additional pregnancy. Some are lucky enough to bypass the issue whether it is the first or fifth baby.

They are seen during and after pregnancy which makes women prime suspects for suffering from this affliction. Although not all women have episodes in life of rapid weight gain or loss, having a baby is typically where these conditions exist. Countless women never have any during their child bearing years while others get them with one child, but not another. No one rule runs for everyone.

Typically these go hand and hand with pregnancy. The common association with childbearing is validated by the numbers.

Weightlifting causes stretch marks for some people.

Teen years

Smooth, clean and unmarred skin is desirable for everyone. From the time of puberty there is a struggle with changes in the appearance of it. There is not a teenager unfamiliar with the struggle to make it appear bright, fresh and clean of any type of blemish. There is a struggle to make it so. Any defacement or disfigurement is not only physically unpleasing, but for most it is a mental struggle as well.

Acne is the biggest culprit at this time in life, but certainly not the only one. Although most people associate acne with only the face, it is just as common in other areas of the body. The one good thing about acne is it doesn’t last forever. It will eventually go away. The same is not true of stretch marks.

They are seen often during the puberty years for both boys and girls. This is a time in life when individuals experience rapid changes like growing in distinct areas while not in others in a short period of time. This accounts for most problems with damage from stretch marks.

Females have an increased chance of seeing them because of the body’s makeup. Steroid hormones seen during childbearing time are also prevalent in our teens. These hormones cause major changes in the body’s characteristics. The most effected are weight and skin.

Obesity, strict diets and weight lifting

Obesity and weight lifting both circumstances which increase the impairment to the body’s dermis. Typically these situations result in a gain in body mass which is swift. The same events are seen with dieting where skin is subjected to a hasty weight loss in a short time period.


Genetic factors play a part in whether or not a person is more apt to get them. Scientifically the numbers are there. In more than a few studies on the matter, the link between offspring and parent is apparent. In other words if mother had them the chances are kids will too.

The specific gene which carries the trait is not identified at this time.

Surgery and injury

No one person is the same as another. A variety of skin types and kinds make these unappealing skin marks just as varied. One interesting fact is women and men found to be more susceptible to other kinds of skin scarring, such as after an injury or surgical procedure, increase the chances of being targets of the issue.

People fitting the same criteria are known to have the blemish stand out more along with becoming more unattractive as time passes. Whether this is circumstance, genes, simply age or a combination of factors has not been determined scientifically.

Anyone is a candidate for these events. The unsightly markings are not distributed evenly among the population. All things being equal, sex does make a difference in these circumstances. Surprisingly 90% of all women have them in some form or another. Men also are sufferers at a much lower rate and for different reasons. There exists not one single reason 90% of all women discover stretch marks.

Cases of stretch marks and who suffers from them varies widely. Like acne, there are a variety of kinds and degrees of cases. Victims vary and a variety of factors contribute to the degree of suffering and who falls as prey.

Pregnancy is an enormous factor for tons of women getting stretch marks
Pregnancy is an enormous factor for tons of women getting stretch marks

Getting rid of stretch marks


No one has control over genes or hereditary make up, but there is some power in not getting these. Prevention is the key to hindering these unsightly blemishes. Although no concrete guarantee exists, the reduced likelihood in becoming a target is a good thing.

Keep a steady weight

A steady and consistent body weight works best. This is one of the easiest methods to control the issue. Stay away from rapid weight gain or loss. The exception to the rule is pregnancy. It is impossible for most mothers and deemed not healthy by most obstetricians.

Make no attempt to diet or stop a natural gain in weight during this time. There are other techniques listed here the expectant mother is able to try to keep them at by.


Our skin loves water and the more water it gets the better overall it looks and feels. Avoid dehydrating skin with food and drinks identified as diuretics. These include things such as coffee and caffeinated beverages. These are foodstuffs which actually take the water and moisture out of skin cells.

Alcoholic beverages are the worst for any skin type and zap the moisture, elasticity and protective nutrients from it. A routine diet of alcoholic beverages is a sure way to see an injury to skin. This not only encompasses stretch marks, but other damaging effects as well.

Eat more foods which give the body water like cucumber and lettuce. Drink as much water as possible at all times. This is even more so when exercising or working hard.

The body loses it at a rapid rate and craves more to cool and invigorate it when exerted. Water is one food eliminating the need to worry about drinking too much of. The more an individual consumes the better for the body, including the skin. Not only will the stretch mark damage be reduced, but skin looks better overall.


Moisturizing skin not only makes it feel better, but look as well. Use it a minimum of two times a day. Once in the morning and once at night is a great way to start. People known to moisturize more often have an even better chance of avoiding them.

Choose a moisturizing product on the market which works the best for a personal skin type. For instance, dry skin or combination skin uses the particular kind identified for a particular issue. A great one will contain little or no alcohol ingredients. Alcohol is very drying and removes moistness.

Make certain the item penetrates the skin and doesn’t simply sit on top of it. Products containing Shea or cocoa butter are the best because these ingredients penetrate with moistness users are able to actually feel.

Some retail merchandise advertises they are used specifically for stretch marks. Compare active ingredients and labels on whatever product purchased. There are some people who swear a simple generic lotion is the best product they have ever used for getting the job done.


No one picks genetics; it is simply the luck of the draw with which ones are doled out. This section is not necessarily a prevention method for everyone. Though, educating certain individuals with specific skin types certainly helps them prevent any damage from stretch marks when possible. In other words, if mom and/or dad have them, do more on the prevention side of things.

The color of your skin affects stretch mark appearances. Silvery stretch marks are not a silvery shiny color on everyone. The blemishes normally begin as a red or purple color and become more silvery with age for people with less pigment in their skin. This means the more pigment present the less likely they have this “attractive” feature.

Depending on skin color there is a possible display of every color or hue in between red and silver. Those appearing red or purple in the early stages tend to respond more readily to any type of treatment on the market being explored. Others are stubborn and more difficult to get rid of with the same types of treatments, regiment or medications.

Retail merchandise

There are over the counter cosmetics proclaiming they are able to get rid of stretch marks. Only a few actually provide any real benefits. Don’t believe the claims of these companies selling a promise they are unable to keep. There is no real quick and easy fix for the disfigurement.

A physician is the best resource to direct a patient toward which ones are best. Some medication or ingredients are in fact more harmful than helpful. The term buyers beware goes without saying.

Talk to a physician when considering modifying eating habits while pregnant

It is prudent for any pregnant female to discuss with a personal physician changes to the diet. More importantly adding and using supplements is known to increase any type of harmful effects to mom and baby.

In conclusion

These are the causes, treatments and products used by countless casualties of the condition. Although genes have been identified as playing a part in the equation, there is still some personal control over the situation. Minimize any chances of becoming prey by utilizing the noted prevention methods. These are definitely not a badge of honor and courage. Anyone with them would like to see them gone!

By simply doing a few of these suggestions the odds increase of keeping them at bay for a long time. For some individuals it is a possibility the recommendations alleviate them entirely. The more a person is willing to do the more likely the likelihood they start a trek across the body.

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    • profile image

      Mickey Solomon 

      5 years ago

      The stretchmarks onto your body could be exterminated entirely through laser treatment. On account of this, you might have a better skin tone plus a younger gleam on your skin. Laser methods typically need no analgesia, hence they are easier to obtain. The laser technique consumes a shorter period & efforts, which boost its benefits for the removal of stretch-marks.

      For more information visit this website:

    • Injured lamb profile image

      Injured lamb 

      6 years ago

      Thanks for the information smcopywrite...I have learned some ingredients here...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      10x for the info! :)

    • smcopywrite profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from all over the web

      a lot of men get stretch marks. however, they have the ability to hide them more easily with the clothing they were. parts of the body were stretch marks are commonly seen on women, men don't show as much. these are the breasts(they don't have them), the thighs, the tummy and the upper arms.

    • whynot1 profile image


      6 years ago

      Very interesting hub!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Good hub! Question though: Can guys have them? Voted interesting and useful


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