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Getting Robert Pattinson Haircuts On A Budget

Updated on November 13, 2011

The Popularity Of Robert Pattinson Hair

The rise of the Twilight series of films into popular culture has been stratospheric in recent years. Stephanie Meyer's creation has sold millions of copies, but it is Edward Cullen's portrayal on the big screen, rather than in the minds of readers, which has captured the public's imagination. Now teenagers across the globe are trying to look like its film stars. For young men, their aim is to look like the male star of the movie. When it comes to looking like Robert Pattinson haircuts are important - more so than their style or fashion.

This young British movie star has managed to capture many young girls' hearts since smashing onto the silver screen back in the first Twilight movie. Now, young boys try to copy his look and particularly his hair style in order to woo those who want to imagine themselves as Bella Swan. In reality, it is a very simple style which can be emulated on a budget at home.

How To Get Hairstyle Like Robert Pattinson

The primary thing that typifies the Edward Cullen style of hair cut is that it needs to be long and unkempt. Women are being driven wild by the notion of this undead vampire with the long, flared hair. More than anything else, it is the volume to play with, teasing it out in gravity defying strands, which seems important.

Because the volume is so great, it is impossible to imagine that people can get this look without artificial help. It is, at heart, the ultimate version of bed head. That unkempt look that people have when they first wake up is the secret to success in emulating the Twilight hair style,

People will need to use a variety of products in their hair in order to ensure that the licks of flames of golden hair truly stand in place. It is important to brush the hair up and away from the forehead, turning the fringe upside down and making it stand on end. A few stray hairs can find their way across the brow, but it is definitely not a hair style for those who want to cover up their forehead.

Next, the main body of the hair on the back and sides needs to be teased back and out. It is important to avoid the 'just been electrocuted' look but rather to go for something more casual and loose. Hair gel and hair spray can help in keeping unruly hairs in controlled chaos to get the right sort of look.

The back of the head in a Edward Cullen style hair cut is kept comparatively trim. Unlike the rest of the cut, this hair stays fairly flat to the surface of the skin and does not have significant volume. It tails away to a careful and definite end at the base of the neck, but avoids becoming a mullet.

Robert Pattinson haircuts can perhaps be best achieved at first by a professional stylist at a hair salon. However, once the basic principles have been learnt from that first visit, people can begin to style their own hair into Twilight's biggest heart throb. Girls will be weak at the knees by the rugged, rolled out of bed look that this movie vampire has made his own.

Photos Gallery Of Pattinson & Edward Cullen


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