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Getting a Back Dimples Piercing

Updated on May 9, 2012
back dimples piercing
back dimples piercing

Back dimples, or dimples of Venus or Sacral dimples as they are often called are one of the latest body regions to be explored in the field of body piercings. It is thought that these dimples, which are more common in women than men are largely hereditary although leaner muscular bodies do tend to have them more often, though this could simply be because the back dimples are not covered by fat deposits.

Back dimples piercings are usually done using microdermals which are much easier and safer than a full body implant. Often referred to as microdermal anchors, they simply consist of two parts, one which is placed under the skin and the outer visible part which is anchored by the part placed under the skin. This process also makes them easier to remove in future years should the wearer decide they are no longer appropriate.

Despite the relative safety of using a microdermal piercing, it goes without saying that you should seek out a reputable and qualified person to perform your back dimples piercing to prevent any infection.

To place the dermal implants, a small incision is made into the skin and the anchor placed into this. The attachment is then simply ‘popped’ onto it holding it firmly in place. With the healing process, this will become even more secure in time. If you are thinking of having a back dimple piercing for a specific occasion though, bear in mind that it will look at its best a few days later and in fact you may be advised to wear a plaster over it for a day or so to allow the healing process and to keep it clear of any infection.

Accentuate your back dimples

Of course, if you have natural back dimples, this procedure will accentuate them and make them even more appealing, but even if you don’t have back dimples, the dermal piercings can be positioned in those exact spots which will replicate the look of a back dimples piercing.

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