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Getting and Caring For A Tattoo

Updated on April 30, 2017
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Laura has a passion for writing about many different subjects that she has personal experience in, and always writes for her readers.

I've had six tattoos, and my partner is covered in them! I have a friend who is a tattoo artist, and I also researched heavily when I first began getting them myself. I have always had great experiences with my tattoos, and haven't had any problems with caring for them.

Picking A Design

Choosing what you are going to have as a tattoo is the most important step, for obvious reasons. This is going to be on your body for the rest of your life, so choose wisely. Don't choose something like a partner's name, especially if you haven't been together very long. It's just bound to end in tears. Think carefully about the style. Think about whether you would want people to see it, and whether you could cover it if you wanted to. I have six tattoos, and if I wore a long sleeve top and trousers, you wouldn't know I've got any at all. I like it that way, as it gives me flexibility about what I show, and to who. I would do your research and make sure you are 100% committed to the design before going to the tattoo studio.

What Not To Do...

He knows he made a mistake.
He knows he made a mistake.

Oh Dear...

Ever Had A Tattoo You Wildly Regret?

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Who To Go To

Once you are happy with what you want to have inked on your body, and where it is going, you then need to find a tattoo artist. Now, this can be tricky, but it is also very important. They will be the one you are trusting to put needle to skin, and create the artwork you have decided on. I would advise checking with friends, and family members, to see whether you get any recommendations. This might mean you also get to see some of their work in person before going to see the artist, which is a definite plus. I would also look online at studio's reviews. This can be a big indication of how happy clients were with the work and the service.

Once you have a couple of options, its worth visiting each one for a consultation. Tattoo artists have particular styles that they prefer, and that they are better at doing, and it helps to discuss this with them first. If someone struggles with symmetric patterns, then they might not be the best fit for you mandala tattoo. Take your time to find the right person for you.

Also, make sure you check out the hygiene of the place. It should be clean, tidy and there should be a clean needle used for every client. Make sure the tattoo artist wears clean gloves, and trays for the ink for each client too. Your health is much more important than some artwork on your skin, and a tattoo is basically an open wound to begin with. Hygiene and safety should be of utmost importance to the tattoo artist.

Caring For Your New Ink

These are the things I do to make sure that my tattoo ends up looking the best it possibly can do, and doesn't get infected. I'm on tattoo number six, which is currently healing, and I've not had any problems with mine over the years.

  • When you get home, remove the wrap the tattoo artist placed over your new design
  • Use warm water only, and carefully wash any blood away from the tattoo
  • Do not use soap, and DO NOT RUB IT
  • Dab your new tattoo dry gently, with a clean towel
  • Let the tattoo breathe for a few hours
  • Apply moisturiser to the tattoo around three times a day. Do not over moisturise. Do it when the tattoo feels or looks dry. I use cocoa butter, which I have been advised to use by a few different people, but you can buy proper tattoo gum if you prefer
  • Only touch your tattoo with clean hands, and make sure you don't pull or rub at any scabs that are forming. These must be left. DO NOT PICK! You can ruin the ink below.
  • Keep the area clean and moisturised until the scabs fall off
  • Always cover your new artwork with SPF, even during a normal day, to keep the ink looking it's best. The sun can fade it.
  • Enjoy! Show people!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips and preferences when it comes to caring for your tattoos!


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