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Getting started as a male model

Updated on July 26, 2013

Male modeling

Male modeling is a competitive industry, so in order to land a gig you have to stand out from the rest. Most male modeling jobs require you to be very fit. This means you’re going to have a lot of discipline, which include a workout plan as well as a nutrition plan. Modeling may be a glamorous career, but it should be handled as a business, be prompt to any appointment, make the right connections, and make sound investments.


Age range

There are several products for male models to advertise from male enhancement, cologne fitness equipment, etc. This means that a male modeling career will can last well into their 30's and 50's. Male models ranging from 18 to 25 would be placed in the young men market. Male models ranging from 25 to 50 would be placed in the adult men department.


As far as weight is concerned, the typical weight for a male model would be between 140 and 165 pounds. Most modeling agency is not looking for someone with bulky muscles, but you definitely need to be fit. That is not to say that bulky or very skinny men can't find modeling work (agencies are always looking for something different). You weight requirement depends on your body mass index.


Just like any female model, a male model has to take good care their face. Too many black heads or scars will hurt your chances of finding any work. So it would be in your best interest to make sure that you take good care of your skin with a facial routine. Be sure to properly treat any acne that may appear on your face (never pop pimples, it only makes the healing process longer as well as risk the chance of leaving scars). It is also important to get plenty of sleep before end up with dark circles.


Just know that you may face rejection (it happens deals with it). You also need to be on top of things, as well as organized and be able to handle pressure when running on a tight schedule. Also you must be willing to relocate.


Your gonna need a great portfolio containing nothing but your best photos. If you need help you can ask your photographer to help you put yours together.

Getting your foot in the door

It’s time to find work; this may require you relocate to a big a city, such as New York, or Los Angeles. Also do a search to see if there are any open calls in your area; keep in mind that there will be a small processing fee. The main point behind all of this is getting as much exposure as you possibly can. Try to appear in newspaper ads, magazines, or on the internet (someone is bound to see your talent). For starters you could start a blog and get as many views or hits from it. Another way to find work is to get an agent; this is where you have to be very careful so that you won't get scammed and trust me there are people out there that will try their very best to get your money. You can gain experience by working with a nonexclusive agency, which means you can work with other nonexclusive agency at one time. Try networking with other model and get their opinion on which agent or agency is most reliable.

The Life

Modeling can be a very exhausting career. Some people chose to model part-time and some may see this as their career. If you decide to make this into a full time career, don't quit your day job just yet; you'll need some type of job to pay bills. As your career progresses then you can go ahead and be done with your day job, but only when your ready. You will be expected to travel and stay in shape. To be successful you'll need to be on top of things. There are some perks such as the parties and free clothes, but one of the biggest cons is the hectic pace. Modeling can also be a cruel career, because once they can't do anything with you, then your career is pretty much over; that's why its a good idea to make some sound and reasonable investment.


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