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Gifts for Him Made in America

Updated on December 12, 2012

What Does Made In America Mean to You?

With the recent outcry regarding the Olympic team USA uniforms being made in China, the topic of what it means to be “Made in America” has come to the forefront. Is that even a question that people ask any more?

Things used to be made in America and the list was long. It didn’t matter whether the items were complex, technical, or simple and useful in a common way, they were made right here. Americans used to know how to do so many things, like sewing clothes, fixing cars or building furniture. However, when you walk into most stores in the USA now, you are hard pressed to find any American-produced merchandise on the shelves or on hangers. Did you know that even American and state flags are mostly made in other countries?

It is sad but true, America does not produce the kinds of things it used to and some of the skills and means required to are not really available any more either. Do you think this is because some Americans no longer value work, a hard day of physical labor or the thought of ‘making things?’

There is a sector that is still doing what they can to bring back ‘Made in America’ and to produce items that reflect the American spirit as well. Believe it or not, there are still handmade items that are beautiful and show incredible craftsmanship. Items such as men’s belts and wallets that are created from the finest materials and that are done one at a time. This is almost unheard of anymore and it really is a shame.

Too many companies are worried about liability issues and do not want to take the time to train staff as well as have to pay insurance or other benefits for the employees, much less actually call customers personally or take on custom products. When products are made with care, you can feel the strength that is more than just the materials. This can also translate into an overall look and feel, too, especially when the items are fashionable and are worn with the same pride with which they were made.

It is then a matter of consumer demand and people taking the time to search out and purchase from companies that have made a commitment to be purely made in America. It is worth the time and trouble to find these companies and purchasing American helps everyone – you get a great product and also help to employ other Americans.

How Important is "Made in America" to You?

If you live in the U. S., do you look specfically for labels that say "Made in America"?

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Toby Keith Performs "Made in America"


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