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Gifts for Professionals: Multifunctional Women's Reading Glasses

Updated on October 19, 2012

For busy women who rely entirely on their reading glasses to read important reports and go about their day-to-day duties, a pair of multifunctional and stylish reading glasses would make a very unique and useful gift. Multifunctional reading glasses, or sun readers, are basically reading glasses which double as stylish fashion accessories, reading glasses and as sunglasses. Wearers of multifunctional eyewear can use them under the scorching heat of the sun to protect their eyes from destructive UV Rays and at the same time, use them anytime to clearly see and read.

Sun readers are designed to help anyone, not just women, see better all the time. Instead of bringing two or three types of eyeglasses with you wherever you go, a pair of sun readers will allow you to protect your eyes from grime, dirt and the sun, make you look fabulous and stylish, and allow you to read texts and view things clearly; it's multifunctional, efficient, and most importantly, practical.

Choosing sun readers for yourself or for a friend is easy; in fact, you only need to consider a few things: your face shape and its compatible frame shape, its type (there are three which you can choose from), style, and power of magnification. These things are explained in detail below:

Face Shapes and Compatible Frames

It is important to identify your face shape correctly before shopping for sun readers or even women's reading glasses. The right pair of reading glasses can do amazing things for your attire, your looks, and it may even accentuate your facial features.

Click the link to view the complete style guide for reading glasses.


How Strong Should your Reading Glasses be?

The simple eye test chart below will help you understand the differences in magnification between the various diopter strengths of reading glasses. To find the diopter strength needed for your eyes, simply read each line at a distance of 14 inches. The line which you are having a difficult time reading is the ideal grade for your lenses.

Click the link to view the eye chart in its entirety and to understand the best power reading glasses you will need.

3 Different Types of Eyeglasses

According to doctors, there are three (3) types of reading glasses which you must be aware of before choosing a pair of reading glasses for yourself. These types include...

Full vision reading glasses or reading glasses with lenses that are 100% magnified to a certain degree. These glasses were designed to help you see everything around you clearly.

Half-frame reading glasses or reading glasses with magnification situated only at the lower part of the lenses. These lenses were designed for reading usage only, and,

Bifocals, which were designed with a clear lens on the upper half of the reading glasses but with magnification on the lower half of your lenses.

How to Store Your Reading Glasses

Optometrists highly recommend storing your reading glasses in safe and sturdy containers known as eyewear cases. Make sure that your eyewear cases are lined with soft and smooth materials so as to protect your lenses from scratches and bumps. It is also highly recommended to use eyeglass cases that are made of 100% soft cloth-like materials to keep it clean and unscratched at all times.

Stylish, chic, and safe, these eyewear cases are ideal as gifts or as personal fashion accessories which you can use to mix and match with your own attire. Their funky colors and durable materials make them ideal for us as eyewear cases and in other instances, small purses and pouches.


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