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Girl Vampire Costumes for Kids

Updated on March 11, 2014

Gothic, Transylvanian, French and Modern Vampire Costumes


Cute Vampire Costumes for Girls

The fascination for vampire costumes has only grown in recent years, with Hollywood regularly releasing new movies around the theme. Kids love the mystery that comes with each vampire character, and Halloween is the perfect time for them to dress up as a scary character. After all, a girl can't be a Cinderella-like all the time!

Many new girl vampire costumes for kids are very realistic and extremely well made, so they can be used several times, like for a school play or a dress up vampire theme party. Whether you're looking for a Gothic, Victorian or Transylvanian costume, you're sure to find something that will make your little girl feel special on the day (or night!)

One thing to note is that all of these costumes can only be hand washed and you can find most of these in more than one size.

How About Gothic Vampire Halloween Costumes for Girls?

The Gothic Victorian look is is perfect for Halloween, as it signifies darkness and rebellion. Any girl would love to look this mysterious for one night! Whether your little vampiress wants to live it up or get regal, this style of dress works well for a "classic" vampire look.

Many of these costumes have the look of royalty, with flowing skirts and either long flowing sleeves or puffy ones.

The Gothic look involves pale skin and dark hair with the use of dark makeup and bold jewelry. Of course, you will probably want to tone down the makeup part of it for a very young child!

The dress should be long and quite dark for the complete Gothic feel.

Child Gothic Vampiress Costume

Gothic Vampiress Costume, Medium
Gothic Vampiress Costume, Medium

Available in small, medium and large.


Gothic Vampiress Costume

This costume features many unique details, like the web design on the red velvet stand up collar and the flowy red cuffs at the end of the fitted black sleeves.

There is gold trim all over and a gold edged red and black drawstring bodie. The skirt is flowy and in red with black overlay.

This dress is available in small, medium and large, with the large fitting a girl 56" tall.

Victorian Vampire Costume Size Small, Medium and Large

Victorian Vampiress Child Costume

If you're after a sleek and slim fitting costume, then this polyester red and black dress will fit the bill.

Trimmed in light gold, it also has a tall red stand up collar with a choker attached.

Sizes 4 to 14 are available.

California Costumes Toys Vampire Girl

Big Girls' Vampire Costume - S
Big Girls' Vampire Costume - S

Sizes range from XS to XL.


Vintage Gothic Victorian Vampire Costume

Combine old world glamour with a classic vampire bat look with this vintage style costume.

This velvety black and burgundy red flowing gown is trimmed in silver and features a cape that doubles as the bat's wings. There's a collar with a bat medallion that attaches to the cape.

The loose fitting design of this costume makes it wearable for more than just 1 year. The material and seams are high quality too, so this costume is great to wear to more than 1 event, with no fear of it falling apart.

This costume is available in all sizes from 4 to 14, or 52" to 63" in height.

California Costumes Toys Regal Vampira

Sinister Vampira Costume

This flouncy costume is a good choice for girly girls! This piece is excellent value for money too.

The dress is in black velvet with red detailing on the front of the skirt and bodice. The black stand up collar is trimmed with black lace. The shoulders on the sleeves are puffy in sheer red and the rest of the sleeves are fitted black velvet.

Sizes available range from S to XL.

Forum Novelties Vampire Miss Dress

Elegant Gothic Vampire Costume for Girls

For a value for money costume for girls, you can't go wrong with this elegant looking dress.

Available in small, large and medium, this dress features lots of little details that elevate it from many other usual designs. It is made of durable and stain resistant velvet with a cobweb design lace overlay and silver trim.

It includes an attached stand up collar with a choker and cross pendant, and puffy shoulders ending in flowing bell sleeves.

Transylvanian Vampiress Child Costume

With a high-waisted baby doll style of dress and no corset-like top, a Transylvanian vampiress is ideal for toddlers. Your scary cutie is sure to be a hit in this style!

Royal Vampira Costume

Royal Vampira Costume
Royal Vampira Costume

Suitable for girls between 44 and 54 inches in height.


Vampire Princess Costume for Girls

Give your child a chance to be a Transylvanian princess in this full length polyester dress features a black skirt and a white and blood red high-waisted bodice. The look is very regal, as the trim is in gold, including a gold ribbon belt.

The sleeves are sheer black and fitted, while the shoulders are in red, white and black and puffy. There's an attached stand up collar too.

This dress is available in small and medium.

Transylvanian Vampiress Costume

Transylvanian Vampiress Costume
Transylvanian Vampiress Costume

Will fit girls from 44" to 60" in height.


High-wasted Vampire Dress for Girls

This dress is made of velvet with a lace detail overlay. The sleeves start as puffy shoulders and then become fitted. It also features a tall stand up collar and a petticoat for added volume on the skirt. This is a high waisted dress.

Included with the dress are a choker and black tiara.

This costume is available in three sizes - small, medium and large, ranging in height from 44" to 60".

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Vampiress Of Versailles

InCharacter Costumes Girl's Vampiress Of Versailles Costume, Black/Red, 12
InCharacter Costumes Girl's Vampiress Of Versailles Costume, Black/Red, 12

In addition to kids sizes 10 and 12, this is also available in adult size.


Vampiress of Versailles Costume-Child

Straight out of the French revolution, this vampire ball gown is all about the drama!

The body and structured petticoat of this dress is made of 100% polyester, while the skirt inset is part polyester and part nylon.

The rich details include brocade accents on the dramatic dark red skirt, black bows, a red vampire collar, white lace bell sleeves and skirt trim and a separate choker collar made of beads and a skull cameo.

This costume is available in sizes 10 and 12. You can also get the similar adult size in this dress if you want to pair up with your daughter for the night. The ladies of the court would settle for nothing less!

Who was Vampira?

Vampira was a 1950s character created by the Finnish-American actress, Maila Nurmi. She portrayed this character in a TV variety show as a horror host and in the cult film "Plan 9 from Outer Space".

She was inspired by the Morticia Addams character from the New Yorker cartoons created by Charles Addams, and attended a masquerade ball in pale white skin and a tight black dress.

A TV producer wanted to hire her as a horror host, and so she developed her character based on a combination of the Dragon Lady from a comic strip and the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Since then the character has become synonymous with the vampire look and is the most popular choice among girl vampire costumes for kids.

Your kid's preferred vampire look

What kind of look would your child prefer as a vampire?

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