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Men's Pajama Bottoms & Pants: Warm, Comfortable & Practical

Updated on March 21, 2011

Men's Pajama Bottoms Are Super Comfortable!

Everyone knows that men are the hardest to shop for when it comes to gifts. If the guy you're shopping for is into a certain sports team or has some outdoor hobby such as fishing or archery, great! If not... then your gift choices are rather limited. The go-to gift around the Christmas holidays is typically a pair of men's pajamas, but not too many guys like wearing full pajama sets when they sleep. It is for that reason that men's pajama bottoms make a much better gift!

Men's pajama bottoms aren't very different from a pair of drawstring pants. Well, other than the fact that they come in many different fabrics, styles, colors and patterns. Long ago, in Eastern countries, drawstring pants were originally worn as an undergarment with a long tunic. The style of these pants was later taken up by Western countries, but instead of wearing them for day-to-day use, they were worn as sleepwear or casual wear for around the home.

Sports pajama bottoms don't have to be garish. He can support his team and look good!
Sports pajama bottoms don't have to be garish. He can support his team and look good!

Men's Pajama Bottoms: Warm or Cool

Today, men's pajama bottoms come in a wide variety of fabric choices such as stretchy cotton, warm flannel or fleece and sensual silk. Heavier fabrics will keep you warm on those frigid or icy winter nights, while light cotton or the satin feel of silk will help you stay cool during the warmer evenings of summer.

When it comes to the style of men's pajama bottoms there a few design choices available to keep them up around your waist. There are elasticized bands, buttons or drawstring ties to keep your pajama pants in place. Most pairs have straight legs with loose cuffs, but there is the option of getting pajama pants with elasticized cuffs as well, for those who don't like their pant legs flapping while they walk.

You don't have to be Jon Gosselin to wear Ed Hardy pajama bottoms!
You don't have to be Jon Gosselin to wear Ed Hardy pajama bottoms!

Goofy Men's Pajama Bottoms

Men's pajama bottoms come in wide ranges of colors, prints and patterns. Choose from plaid, sports prints or solid colors or pick a pair that depicts an activity that he likes to do. For the playful guy who likes to hunt, look for a pair of men's pajama bottoms with Elmer Fudd tracking that wascally wabbit. Or if he spends a lot time napping, get a pair that is printed with Sleepy the Dwarf from Snow White. There are hundreds of printed fabric choices depicting TV and cartoon characters, as well as many other goofy images, that make great gifts for fun-loving guys.

Hey, ladies! When you're shopping for pajama bottoms for men, be sure to stop by the ladies department and get some comfy women's pajama bottoms for yourself! Pair them with an oversized sweater to stay warm in the winter or wear them in the summer with a light tank top to stay cool at night.

No matter how you wear them, pajama bottoms are extremely comfortable.


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